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484 Area Code. Location. Time Zone. Toll Free? Who's Calling?

State Pennsylvania
Timezone Eastern Time (ET)
Is Area Code 484 Toll Free? No
Major Cities Allentown

Have you ever received a phone call and wondered; Where is this area code located? If it ever happened to you, well my friend, you are not alone. There are too many area codes to count and one cannot memorize all of them. So, here we are going to know some area codes and know where they are located within the USA.

Area Code 484, where is that?

The area code 484 is associated with the Eastern and Southeastern regions of Pennsylvania. It serves as an area code for the west of Philadelphia, the cities of Allentown, Bethlehem, and Reading as well.

Is the area code 484 an old one?

Area code 484 is a new area code to be implemented in Pennsylvania. It was introduced to the state as an overlay for the existing 610 area code region on June 5, 1999. This was implemented with the introduction of the statewide mandatory ten-digit dialing system. The region will not need any other area code for the current times. However, as projected by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission the summer of 2024 will be the year when the area would need a new area code. The new area code to overlay 484 then would be 835. The new area code 835 will be an overlay for the area code 610 as well.

What are the regions that area code 484 serve?

Area code 484 serves a wide range of counties in Pennsylvania. It covers counties as Delaware County, Lancaster County, Lehigh County, Carbon County, Monroe County, Schuylkill County, Chester County, Berks County, Bucks County, Lebanon County, Montgomery County, Northampton County, and New Castle County in Delaware.

Moreover, the area code 484 is used in towns and cities throughout Pennsylvania, not just counties such as; Oxford, Palmerton, Paoli, Reading, Sinking Spring, Tamaqua, Upper Darby, West Chester, Hamburg, Gap, Havertown, Kutztown, Lehighton, Media, Newton Square, and North Catasauqua.

Do scammers use the 484-area code?

It is very rare for scammers to use non-toll-free area codes. Most of the time numbers with the 484-area code are legit businesses and people. However, you must be vigilant nowadays. It is recommended that you do not share any personal information, bank account information, or any other critical data about yourself with unknown callers.

Can I stop a number with the area code 484 from contacting me?

Blocking an unwanted call differs according to your phone's operating system (iPhone or Android).

To block unwanted calls from area code 484, do the following steps:

If you have an Android phone:

· Go to the Recent Calls menu.

· Click Details (besides the number you want to block)

· Click Block Number, and Voila. You won't receive any calls from that number anymore.

If you have an iPhone:

· Go to your Recent Calls menu.

· Choose the number that you want to block with the displaying the area code 484.

· Click the encircled (i) in it.

· Click more information from the next menu.

Click Block this number, and just like that you have blocked that number you won't receive any unwanted calls from it once again.



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