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504 Area Code. Location. Time Zone. Toll Free? Scam? Who's Calling?

State Louisiana
Timezone Central Time (CT)
Is Area Code 504 Toll Free? No
Major Cities New Orleans

It is almost common practice for one to be wary or better still, for one to be concerned about the area code of a number whenever he or she is called. Therefore, it is normal to get curious should you be called by a number showing 504 as the area code.

What is a 504 number and where is it coming from?

According to records with the North American Numbering Plan, 504 is an area code in Louisiana from the United States of America. The year 1947 is when its official use was put and it has been split to form various other area codes over the years. The last such split was done in the year 2001 when it was split to form area code 985.

Area code 504 encompasses the City of New Orleans and surrounding communities such as Terrytown, Harvey, Marrero and Chalmette just to name but a few. Also included are quite a number of smaller communities in the southeastern Louisiana.

Can I send a text message or call 504 Area Code?

You are bound to feel the urge to text or call back when you receive a text message or when you see a missed call on your phone. There is nothing unusual acting that way especially if there are no restrictions. However, you need to be cautious. Texting back for example could open you up to incessant buzzes from intruders. It becomes even worse when you find a message advising on a link which when you click might lead to sites you are uncomfortable with; like sex solicitation websites and the like.

Is 504 a scam?

Scammers are on the prowl everywhere and they do not spare the use of code numbers to perform their dirty tricks on unsuspecting people. As pointed out there above, scammers may send a text with a link which leads unwarranted sites with a view to carrying out a hacking scheme or a fraud of some sort.

Luckily, many cellphone service providers are constantly putting measures in place to forestall or mitigate against the dirty schemes of scammers whereby AT & T stands out for mention. AT & T allows customers to forward suspicious messages to ‘SPAM’; from which stage they carry out investigations and eventually get off numbers being used for heinous schemes off the network.

Can I use it for my business?

Business can hardly thrive without communication and phone calls or text messages is one such medium. Area code 504 is official and so it is not about the question of ‘If’ but rather ‘When’ you do feel like using a 504 number for your business. Once you make up your mind to be reached via phone calls or text messages in order to enjoy the convenience that comes with this medium of communication, the choice is all but yours for the taking.


If you had any fears or misgivings about area code 504, this article must have allayed those fears effectively but again, the need practice cannot be over emphasized.



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