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505 Area Code. Location. Time Zone. Toll Free? Scam? Who's Calling?

State New Mexico
Timezone Mountain Time (MT)
Is Area Code 505 Toll Free? No
Major Cities Santa Fe

Do you ever get scared when called by a number with a new area code number? Or better still, have you ever wondered about how genuine a call is and may be the location of the caller? Relax. This article shall assist you with all the above regarding area code number 505.

What is a 505 number and where is it coming from?

This number 505 is the area code for North western and Central New Mexico although it used to serve the whole of New Mexico until it was split in the year 2007 thereby leaving the remainder of New Mexico to be served by area code 575. The area code is also used to refer to the state of New Mexico in slang. The area code also covers the metropolitan area of Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Farmington which at one time were unsuccessfully earmarked to switch to a new area code.

Can I send a text message or call 505 Area Code?

Feeling the urge to reply when you receive a text message or when you see a missed call on your phone is something that many people do. There is nothing wrong to feel and act that way especially if there are no restrictions. However, you need to be cautious. Texting back for example could expose you nuisance calls or text messages from intruders. It is even more dangerous when you find a message that advises you to click on a link only to be led lead to scammers or unwarranted sites that might even compromise the safety of your account details.

Can I use area code 505 for my business?

The importance of communicating with your customers by phone calls or through text messages cannot be overlooked. Area code 505 is official and it is quite in order to use it for you to use it for business. Using your area code number to communicate is not only convenient but is also credible because your clients get to identify the location from which you are calling and such like stuff.

Is area code 505 a scam?

The fact that scammers exist is not in doubt and the more reason as to why IRS regularly urges the public to stay alert for scam phone calls. Some time back, a scam was reported in Albuquerque New Mexico. The scammer was reportedly identifying himself as ‘Fred Smith from the Fraud Division’. A consumer reported that the number which the scammer was using had 505 as the area code but the number is no longer in service anyway. The consumer had a claim against a medical type company amounting to $486 and in order to verify if he was entitled to the claim, the scammer was asking the consumer to provide his bank account information. If you receive a call like this, simply do not give out such information as was being asked by the scammer.


Reading through the above revelation on whether area code number 505 is a scam could be scaring indeed but rest assured that this area code is safe but you only need to exercise caution.



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