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506 Area Code - Location, Time Zone. Toll Free? Scam? Who's Calling?

State Canada
Timezone Atlantic Time (AT)
Is Area Code 506 Toll Free? No
Major Cities Moncton, Bloonfield Ridge, Clairville, Hampton

It is normal to be worried when an unrecognized area code shows up on your mobile phone. You tend to wonder who is calling or from what location is it coming from. Area code 506 is a telephone area code in North American Numbering Plan. Wanna know more regarding this area code? Provided below are some frequently asked questions and information about area code 506 that might provide answer to your concerns.

What is area code 506 and in what location is it from?

Area code 506 was created in a split from area code 902 in the year 1955. It covers the mainly the Canadian province of New Brunswick, including its cities. Area code 506 was expected to be exhausted by the year 2020, but got delayed to December 2023.

The said area code rests in the Atlantic Time zone, and covers the province of New Brunswick and the cities: Moncton, Bloonfield Ridge, Clairville, Hampton, Hillsborough, Grafton, Hanford Brook, Heathland, Kirkland, Lincoln, Oak Bay, Welsford, New Denmark, Grand Falls, Doaktown, Rogersville, Rothesay, Salisbury, Chipman, and more.

Is area code 506 a scam?

If you receive a call from unrecognizable number, that call could be connected with scammers. Since a large number of 506-xxx-xxx numbers are in-used in Canada, a scammer might also be using the same number. However, the numbers they use for calling are usually an international numbers, that performs a hefty charge into your cellphone bill when answered. You might wanna be careful with that.

Did you just received a call from an unknown caller? You might wanna reject that call. If you answered the call and the caller claimed that they are from a customer service team, ask for the name of the company and do a background check. If you do not find any valid information about the number used for calling, immediately block the number.

How to block suspicious calls coming from area code 506?

Given below is a guide on how to block a caller from your phone:


  • Go to your recent call logs, find the number you want to block then tap on the "i" next to it. Scroll down and tap "block this caller".


  • The procedure is quite the same from the previous one. Open your phone's recent call logs and click "details". Then click "block number".

Is area code 506 toll free?

No. Area code belong to those area codes who are not toll free and performs a charge for every call placed from any 506-xxx-xxx numbers. Calling these numbers will also charge you a cost. The prices of each call may vary if it is a local or an international call.

In conclusion

It is important to remember that if you received a call which you do not recognize, do not answer it. These action lessens your chances of getting scammed and getting slammed with hefty charges on your cellphone bill.



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