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513 Area Code - Location, Time Zone. Toll Free? Scam? Who's Calling?

State Ohio
Timezone Eastern Time (ET)
Is Area Code 513 Toll Free? No
Major Cities Cincinnati, Hamilton, Oxford, Lebanon, Norwood, Trenton

If you receive calls from an unfamiliar number, it is normal to have doubts and reflect with questions such as who is calling? Is the call linked with scammers? Should I answer it? Area code 513 is a unique number created for a specific area. If you wanted to know more about area code 513, here are some information that might help...

What is area code 513 and what location is it coming from?

Area code 513 is a unique telephone area code by the North American Numbering Plan (NANP). 513 is assigned to the southwestern area of the U.S. state. Due to the increase of cell phones and pagers, in 1996, the numbering plan area has to be split in order to provide more telephone numbers. The NANP came up with the area code 937 to be in use in the eastern and northern portion of the U.S.

The 513 covers the several cities of Ohio such as Cincinnati, Hamilton, Oxford, Lebanon, Norwood, Trenton, Miamitown, West Chester, Forest Park, Mason, and other cities in the southwestern area of Ohio.

Are calls from 513 area code a scam?

The 513 area code serves may cities and communities in Ohio. While there are large number of people using the 513 number, there is also a possibility that the call you are receiving might be associated with scammers.

If you ever receive a call that you're not sure where is it coming from, look up the mentioned company on the internet to check if the company uses the number they are calling on. If you did not find the number, end the call and immediately block the number.

Where is area code 513?

The said area code is created for the southwest of the U.S. state of Ohio. Area code 513 is a telephone area code in the North American Numbering Plan. The NANP was devised around 1940 in North America by AT&T for the Bell System.

How do I block unwanted 513 calls?

If the call that you received is associated with scammers and wishes to stop receiving unwanted calls from them, here's some quick steps on how to block them:

For iPhone users;

  • Go to your recent calls
  • Click the "i"
  • Scroll to the bottom and click "block this caller".

For Android users;

The steps are quite similar from the iPhone users,

  • Go to your recent calls
  • Click "details" and click "block number" for the last step.

Is the area code 513 toll free?

The area code 513 is not toll free and may apply charges to any calls that you carry out. The rate of charges may depend on the company or business that provides your telecommunication services.


It is important to know the terms and condition of the company with the telecommunication services you are having. Also, always make sure to verify the number calling before answering any questions from the caller, to avoid being scammed.



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