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514 Area Code - Location, Time Zone. Toll Free? Scam? Who's Calling?

State Canada
Timezone Eastern Time
Is Area Code 514 Toll Free? No
Major Cities Anjou, Cote Saint-Luc, Dorval, Lasalle, L'Ile-Bizard, L'Ile-Perrot, Mont-Royal, Montreal, Pincourt, Pointe-Claire

It's normal to have doubts in answering unrecognized calls. Today, since the number of mobile phone users are increasing, telephone perpetrators are also on the rise. These perpetrators will use telephone numbers with area codes similar to your state. Area code 514 can be one of them. Below area some information you need to know about area code 514.

What is area code 514 and where is it coming from?

Area code 514 is a telephone area code duly registered in the North American Numbering Plan for Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Area code 514 was split to form area code 819 in 1957 and area code 450 in 1998. Due to proliferation of cellphone technologies, pagers and landlines, area code 514 was then overlaid by area code 438 in 2006 due to exhaustion.

Area code 514 is one of the original 86 codes established in 1947 which originally served half of Quebec including Montreal. Other cities covered by area code 514 include Anjou, Cote Saint-Luc, Dorval, Lasalle, L'Ile-Bizard, L'Ile-Perrot, Mont-Royal, Montreal, Pincourt, Pointe-Claire, Saint-Laurent, Senneville, Vaudreuil-Dorion, Verdoun, Westmount and more cities & communities throughout  Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Is area code 514 a scam?

The 514 area code covers many cities in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. There are large number of mobile phone users using area code 514 and some of them might be linked to scammers. Scammers use robodialer to call their victims.

If you receive a call from unknown numbers and they mention a certain company, run a quick search on the internet. If you did not find any information about them, they're probably fraud.

How do I block calls originating from area code 514?

Receiving calls from unknown numbers can be quite disturbing. Below are guide how to stop those disturbing calls.

For iPhone users;

  1. Go to your recent calls
  2. Click the "i"
  3. Scroll to the bottom and click "block this caller".

For Android users;

  1. Go to your recent calls
  2. Click "details"
  3. Click "block number"

Is area code 514 toll free?

Area code 514 is not a toll free number. Any calls you carry out with this code apply charge on you phone bill. Call rates depend on the company that provides you with telecommunication services.

In conclusion

Always make sure to verify the number that is calling you before trying to answer them. This is the best way to avoid being scammed. Do not hesitate to decline a call if you are not sure. Remember that if the caller is a family, a relative or someone you knew, they will always leave a message, a text or a voice message if they are rejected.



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