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524 Area Code - Location, Time Zone. Toll Free? Scam? Who's Calling?

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Is Area Code 524 Toll Free? No
Major Cities Unassigned

Since phone scams are very common nowadays, receiving a call from an unfamiliar code can be alarming. Area code 524 is used for personal communication services. Want to know more information about this area code? Below are some commonly asked questions regarding area code 524...

Are calls from area code 524 safe to answer?

Since the area code 524 is intended only for personal communications services use, there are only few 524 numbers being used. Scammers are also taking their ways to scam other people to a next level. There will be a possibility that they will call you and state that they are calling from a customer service team.

If you receive a call or text message from a new and strange area code, do not answer or text back. If the caller claims that they are calling from a customer service team, you look up on the internet and see the official site of the company that have been mentioned if they are using the number that has been used for calling. If you do not find the number on their official site, hang up the call immediately. Another way to avoid this kind of situation is blocking the number from your mobile devices so you won't be able to receive any calls or text messages from 524 numbers.

What is area code 524 and what location is it coming from?

Area code 524 is not been assigned for a geographic area. It is used for personal communication services. This refers as to any types of wireless data or wireless voice communications systems. Personal communication services also provides an all-in-one wireless phone, messaging, data, and paging services.

In the United States, the personal communication services are provided in the 1900 MHz band. This frequency band was assigned by the Federal Communications Commission and Industry Canada in the United States, and are specific to North America.

How do I stop receiving unwanted 524 calls?

Do you keep on receiving 524 calls and think that the call is associated with scammers? Here's how you can block the caller from your devices:

For iPhone users;

  • First, go to your recent calls and click the "i" with a circle around it, on the right side of the number that you want to block.
  • Next, scroll to the bottom and click "block this caller" for the last step.

For Android users;

  • The process is somehow same to the iPhone users. Again, go to your recent calls and click the "details". To finish up the process, click "block number".

Are calls coming from area code 524 toll free?

Area code 524 is not toll free. Since it is used for personal communication services, the services it includes is to provide or allow the users to place and receive communications while they are away from their home, or other fixed locations. Calling a personal communication service phone from a non-personal communication service cellular phone are not provided by the systems yet. The rate of the charges from a personal communication service phone varies to the type or features of the services you acquired.



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