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585 Area Code. Location. Time Zone. Toll Free? Scam? Who's Calling?

State New York
Timezone Eastern Time (ET)
Is Area Code 585 Toll Free? No
Major Cities Rochester

If you have never been called by a 585 area code number and then you receive one, you might justifiably begin to wonder if it is a scammer calling or not. Alternatively, you might just be concerned about the location of your caller but this should not worry you so much because we shall attempt to address such fears here below.

Where does an area code 585 come from?

This is the area code for Rochester in Western New York and it was the second new area code since 1954 after having been split from area code 716 in November 2001 which was preceded by area code 845. Major communities served by this area code include Madina, Batavia, Rochester, Geneseo, Canandaigua and Albion.

Is area code 585 a scam?

An increase in mobile phone usage as well as the heightened activity of online services especially for money transactions brings the thought of scamming in sharp focus. A 13WHAM found out in the year 2018 that area code 585 was among the most targeted for spam and scam calls in the county of Monroe. An incident was reported in November 2018 by a Mr. Bryan Maslin who submitted that he was receiving four to eight spam or scam calls every day. Other such calls could also be threatening and predatory with such voice mail messages as ‘You will be taken into custody by the local cops. Contact us immediately’

Overall, more than 15 million spam and scam calls were placed to numbers in the area code of 585 during the month of September 2018 alone. This does not however that area code 585 is a scam and in any case, the ‘Do Not Call’ and the national registry agencies are very much alive to such incidents with deterrent measures.

How do I call up a 585 number?

It must be noted that area codes are routed to certain locations but much as area codes may have the same format, you should beware that a given area code matched with the same number will not take you to the same place especially if the number is toll-free but fortunately, area code 585 is not toll-free.

How do I get my own code 585 number?

Having your own code 585 number especially for your business can be very essential for the growth of your business and you can get the virtual (585) Area Code business phone number no matter where you are in Western New York. Virtual phone number offers unlimited minutes, call screening, call forwarding, customized voice mail, call history logs and more. They offer $20 per month and no additional hardware is required.


This guide may not be conclusive but at least now you know that area code 585 is official and can be associated with Western New York so that when you receive a call bearing area code 585, you need not to fret about the legitimacy of the call. However, you should not let your guard down on tricksters as pointed out in one of our case studies there above.



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