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588 Area Code - Location, Time Zone. Toll Free? Scam? Who's Calling?

State United States
Timezone Unassigned
Is Area Code 588 Toll Free? No
Major Cities Kansas City, Overland Park, Rochester, Lenexa

When you see a new area code, you can't help but think if it is a scam. This guide provides some information about the 588 area code and what to do if you encounter a scammer.

What is 588 number and what location is it coming from?

588 number is used for personal communication services. Personal communication services uses non-geographic area code with the format 5XX. It is use for assigning telephone numbers for an instance of service. Meaning, the 588 number does not belong in any certain area. The number calling might not reflect where it is from. However, there are possibilities that the call might be coming from any cities of the United States like Kansas City, Overland Park, Rochester, Lenexa, and more.

The 588 number is an area code format authorized by the United States Federal Communications Commission, and was established on 1995 in North American Numbering Plan (NANP). 588 was activated in September 2015.

Are calls from 588 area code a scam?

As what is stated previously that the 588 number is used for personal communication services to describe a variety of communications capabilities. It pertains to any several types of wireless voice and data communications systems that provides services that is more likely to advanced cellular mobile or paging services.

There are instances that the 588 a call or text from 588 number could be a scam. If you are seeing incoming call or messages from a 588 number and don't know who is it from, we suggest you to not answer any of it for the reason that it might be from a scammer. It is better to secure your safety.

How do I unblock unwanted calls from 588?

If you wish to block calls coming from 588, here is a quick guide on how to block an unwanted call:

For iPhone users;

  • Go to your recent calls
  • Click the "i" with a circle around it
  • Scroll down until you see "block this caller" and select it

For Android users;

  • Go to your recent calls
  • Click the "details"
  • Lastly, click the "block number"

How do I get my own 588 number?

Getting your own 588 number for your business is a great way to established a good relationship with your customers. The United States Federal Communications Commission authorized the designation of the 5XX area code format.

Are calls from area code 588 toll free?

There are several calls that starts from 588 are toll free in the US. However, this may depend on the company or businesses that provides a customer service line. Some company that provides wireless communication services, receiving and placing calls away from home, may apply charges.


Always check the area code of the unidentified calls you receive to avoid being a victim a scam. Also, it is important to note that your customer service line depends on what type of communication capacity you selected from the company providing it, whether it's a toll free or not.



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