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612 Area Code. Location. Time Zoning. Toll Free? Who's Calling?

State Minnesota
Timezone Central Standard Time (CT)
Is Area Code 612 Toll Free? No
Major Cities Minneapolis

When you receive a call from an unknown area code to you it might make you wonder. Is it a legitimate business? Is it a scammer trying to scam me? Do I take the call? Or is it an unimportant one? Here we try to make you get answers to those questions by identifying some area codes that may be unknown to you.

Where is area code 612 located?

Landlines with the area code 612 are located in the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota in the USA. 612 is considered the smallest area code inside of the state of Minnesota geographically.

What is the history of area code 612?

In 1947, the state of Minnesota received two area codes, 612 and 218. 612 area code was assigned to the southeastern third of Minnesota, while the rest of the state was assigned the area code 218. By 1954, and due to concerns that the original configuration of the state cut across toll traffic routes in twin cities. The area codes were reconfigured. A new area code 507 was formed and assigned to parts of the southern portions that were previously 612 territories. The new configuration made area code 612 servicing mainly central Minnesota. This configuration remained intact for 42 years.

In 1996, a new area code 320 was introduced to northern Minnesota which took over the northern remaining area code of 612.

By 1998 the code area 612 services only the city of Minneapolis in the state of Minnesota.

Can I receive scam calls from area code 612?

Since area code 612 is not a toll-free area code, it is unlikely to receive a scam call from a landline with this area code. However, as always, you should be vigilant when talking with any unknown caller or unknown number. Never share any of your personal information, bank account number, or any other critical personal information with unknown callers.

Can I have my own number with area code 612?

If you reside in the city of Minneapolis, you might get lucky and receive a landline with the area code 612. However, do not get your hopes up, as since the year 2000 a new area code 763 was assigned. Which will be most likely what you get if you subscribed for a landline there.

If I don’t want to receive calls from a 612-area code number, what do I do?

Blocking an unwanted call differs according to your phone's operating system (iPhone or Android).

To block unwanted calls from area code 612, do the following steps:

If you have an Android phone:

· Go to the Recent Calls menu.

· Click Details (besides the number you want to block)

· Click Block Number, and Voila. You won't receive any calls from that number anymore.

If you have an iPhone:

· Go to your Recent Calls menu.

· Choose the number that you want to block with the displaying the area code 612.

· Click the encircled (i) in it.

· Click more information from the next menu.

Click Block this number, and just like that you have blocked that number you won't receive any unwanted calls from it once again.



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