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615 Area Code-Location, Time Zone. Toll Free? Scam? Who's Calling?

State Tennessee
Timezone Central (CT)
Is Area Code 615 Toll Free? No
Major Cities Nashville

Where does a 615 number come from?

If a 615 number appears on your caller ID, it most likely came from Nashville, Tennessee, specifically Davidson County and its 12 other nearby counties with 615 as the main area code and 629 as its overlay. To expound, an overlay is a practice undertaken by telecommunication companies in order to avoid exhaustion of a particular number by assigning another area code in the same area that already has its own code to enable more people to register for numbers. In Nashville, Tennessee, the area codes are 615 and 629.

In 1947, 901 as Tennessee’s only area code until 1954 came when the most of the western bend of the Tennessee River was assigned area code 615 and 901 remained in Memphis which persisted for 41 years. In 1995, majority of the eastern part of 615 was transferred to 423. Places here included Chattanooga, Knoxville and the Tri Cities causing a divide between 615 and 423. Eventually the divisions were: 423 for East Tennessee, 615 for Middle Tennessee and 901 for West Tennessee.

Nashville expanded over the years and with this expansion came the vast usage of mobile phones and pagers so what was supposed to be a long-term plan eventually gave way to another split in September of 1997 where 615 was reduced to a smaller size and the majority of what it once was was now a part of the 931 area code.

The North American Numbering Plan Administrator (NANPA) foresaw that the end of the century would see a boom in the usage of telephone services and that 615 would be exhausted by the millennium’s 4th quarter. In 2003, 615 was not to exhaust its numbers which would go on for five years but in 2012, an exhaustion was projected so an overlay had to be done as opposed to a split so as not to inconvenience the residents who already had numbers. Area code 629 was approved on the 21st of October 2013 wherein it was possible to dial with seven or ten digits.

What areas does 615 area code service?

Area code 615 services Nashville, Tennessee namely Davidson County. The counties it services include:

  • Davidson
  • Rutherford
  • Williamson
  • Summer
  • Wilson
  • Robertson
  • Dickson

To name a few. The cities that are most populated include:

  • Nashville- 601,222
  • Murfressboro-108,755
  • Franklin- 62,487
  • Hendersonville - 51,372
  • Smyrna - 39, 974

What time zone does area code 615 follow?

Area code 615 follows the Central Time zone or CST. Central Time Zone is six hours behind the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC-6:00) during all the days of the year and Central Daylight Time where it follows daylight saving time and advances by an hour (UTC-5:00) during the summertime.

Is 615 toll free?How do I get a 615 number?

615 is not a toll free number. To get your own number is easy as online phone service providers have made it convenient for you to obtain and customize your own phone number.

When dialling always remember the area code.If the number you are calling has seven digits, dial the area code first and then proceed with your seven digit number to call. Not dialling in the area code would result to your call not coming thru and the phone provider would ask you to hang up and dial again.

Is 615 a scam?

Technically if area code 615 pops up on your caller ID it could only mean that the person is from Nashville but recently people have been able to customize their own numbers and pick out any combination they want, making it easier for scammers to trick people.

If you have been rung by a scammer, follow these steps. For iPhone users, simply click the encircled i for more information and click Block this number. For Android users go to Recent Calls then click Details then click Block this Number.



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