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629 Area Code - Location, Time Zone. Toll Free? Scam? Who's Calling?

State Tennessee
Timezone Central Time (CT)
Is Area Code 629 Toll Free? No
Major Cities Nashville

It can be bothersome when you see a new area code shows up on your mobile phone. Where is the call coming from? Who's calling? Is the call associated with scammers? Is the call safe to answer? The area code 629 is a unique code that was created for a specific area in North America. Below are some commonly asked questions about the area code 629...

What is area code 629 and what location is it coming from?

Area code 629 is one of the telephone area codes in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP), in the U.S. state of Tennessee. This area code is being used across North America, and was put in service on March 28, 2015.

The area code 629 was develop as an overlay plan to the main area code 615. In late February 2015, the ten-digit dialing became mandatory in the 615/629 area.

Where is area code 629?

Area code 629 provides service to the U.S. state of Tennessee, including the cities: Nashville, Nolensville, Oak Hill, Pleasant View, South Carthage, Charlotte, Gordonsville, Smithville, Coopertown, Forest Hills, Portland, Brentwood, Franklin, La Vergne, Greenbrier, Kingston Springs, Woodbury, Lakewood, Walnut Grove, Westmoreland, Ashland City, White House, Dickson, Gallatin, Smyrna, and more.

Are calls from area code 629 a scam?

Nowadays, scammers are stepping up their game in finding ways to scam other people. Since there is large number of 629 numbers are being used, scammers might also be using a 628 number. One of their tricks is claiming that they are calling from a customer service team of a company. They use this possibility to gain your trust, and would ask for your personal information.

The best way to avoid this interaction with scammers, is to never answer calls from unfamiliar numbers. Some calls charges you a fee per minute just by connecting to the call. You can also look up on the internet and see if the number they are calling from is being used by the company they have mentioned.

How do I block unwanted 629 calls from my mobile device?

If you receive a suspicious call or text message from 629 numbers, you can block them from your mobile phone by following these simple guide:

iPhone users;

  • Go to your recent calls and the "i" on the right side of the screen that has a circle around it. Scroll to the bottom and click "block this caller" for the last step.

Android users;

  • The process is somehow similar to the iPhone users. First, go to your recent calls to see the "details" and click it. After that, click "block number" to finish it up.

Are calls from area code 629 toll free?

Area code 629 is not a toll free telephone area code. Both international and local calls collects charges. The cost of the charge fee varies on what type of telecommunication services you are receiving. Charges can be done per minute of the call, per text message, or a premium subscription.



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