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670 Area Code - Location, Time Zone. Toll Free? Scam? Who's Calling?

State Northern Mariana Islands
Timezone UTC+10
Is Area Code 847 Toll Free? No
Major Cities Aguijan, Rota, Saipan, Tinian

Calls coming from a new area code can somehow trigger your curiosity. You might asked who could the caller be or how did they get your number. Will it be safe to take the call? Below are some commonly asked questions about area code. Get to know one of them like the area code 670 for the communities of Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI).

What is area code 670 and where is it coming from?

Area 670 was put into service in 1997. It is duly registered in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) for the U.S. state of Northern Mariana Islands and is the only code serving the area. Area code 670 is located in the (UTC+10) timezone. Some of the major and large communities covered by area code 670 include Aguijan, Rota, Saipan, Tinian and more.

Is area code 670 a scam?

670 area code was officially put into service in 1997 for Northern Marian Islands. Even if the number is duly registered to NANP, it doesn't mean that they couldn't be linked to scammers. Due to the innovation of technology and the rise of the population of mobile phone users, scammers are making their way up to scam people.

How do I block calls originating from area code 670?


  • Open recent call logs
  • Click the encircled "i" after the number
  • Tap on "block this caller"


  • Go to your recent call logs
  • Tap on "details"
  • Tap on "block number"

Is area code 670 toll free?

Area code 670 is not a toll free number. In fact, this code including other states of United States of America are considered international calls. Rates of international calls are expensive than local calls. Ask your telecommunications provider to know more about this matter.

In conclusion

Receiving disturbing calls from unknown number is quiet mysterious. Taking extra cautions in answering unknow people is a must. Always asked for company details or anything that could lead to their true identity.



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