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678 Area Code - Location, Time Zone. Toll Free? Scam? Who's Calling?

State Georgia
Timezone Eastern Time (ET)
Is Area Code 678 Toll Free? No
Major Cities Atlanta, East Point, Conyers, Carroll, Douglas

A random call coming from an unfamiliar area code can be worrying. One of the few commonly asked questions are from where does the call originates or if the call is that safe to answer.  Provided below are some information about area code 678 that might give an answer to your concerns.

Are calls coming from area code 678 a scam?

A large number of 678-xxx-xxx numbers are being used within North America. Because of this, there is a probability that a 678-xxx-xxx number is being use by a scammer. If you receive a call from a scammer, the call might seem like it is coming from inside the United States. The call is actually from an international number, and if answered, it performs a pricey charge to your account.

There are also scammers who tends to claim that they are calling as a customer service representative of a company. Take note of the company's name and do a background check by searching it on google. If the number is not shown on the company's official website, end the call and block the number right away.

What is area code 678 and what location is it from?

Area code 678 was first set to customers signing up for new telephone service, on the year 1998. It is within the Eastern Time zone. The said area code is a telephone area code in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) and is used widely in North America.

Area code 678 provides service to the state of Ohio and its surrounding cities mainly Atlanta, East Point, Conyers, Carroll, Douglas, Walton, Newton, Lamar, Barrow, Coweta, Forsyth, Rockdale, Clayton, Sandy Springs, Conyers, Covington, Villa Rica, Milton, Roswell, Smyrna, Kennesaw, Griffin, and more.

How do I block unwanted calls that originates from area code 678?

If you suspected that the call you have received is a spam call and would want to block the number, worry no more for given below is a guide on how to block a caller from your phone:

iPhone users

  • Tap on phone's recent calls
  • Tap "i"
  • Tap on "block this caller"

Android users

  • Tap on the phone icon
  • Tap the three dots and tap "settings"
  • Tap "block number"

Is area code 678 toll free?

Area code 678 is definitely not toll free. A charge will be done when a call is placed from any 678-xxx-xxx numbers. Calling any 678-xxx-xxx numbers has also charges. It can be done by per-minute of the call or by a monthly subscription offered by your telecommunication company. Long-range calls like international calls may cost pricey than the local ones.

In conclusion

It is important to be mindful when answering calls that you do not recognize. Doing a background check helps you identify whether the call is associated with scammers. Also, a charge will be performed to your account when you placed a call from any 678-xxx-xxx number.



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