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684 Area Code - Location, Time Zone. Toll Free? Scam? Who's Calling?

State American Samoa
Timezone UTC-11
Is Area Code 684 Toll Free? No
Major Cities Aua, Fagatogo, Faleniu, Leone, Mapusagafou, Nu'uuli, Pago Pago, Tafuna, Vaitogi

When an unknown number pops up on your phone screen, you usually wonder who could it be and sometimes would even hesitate to answer. It's kind of weird getting calls from unfamiliar area code To give you ideas on area codes, we discussed area code 684 below.

What is area code 684 and what location is it from?

In October 2004, area code 684 was first put into service in the North American Numbering Plan for American Samoa. It is the only area code serving the area. Islands comprising American Samoa include Tutuila the largest and most populous island, Aunuʻu, Rose Atoll, Ofu, Taʻū, Swains Island and Olosega.

American Samoa or area code 684 is located in the UTC-11 timezone. Other cities and communities covered by area code 684 include Aua, Fagatogo, Faleniu, Leone, Mapusagafou, Nu'uuli, Pago Pago, Tafuna, Vaitogi and more.

Are calls that originates from area code 684 a scam?

Any number in the North American Numbering Plan is susceptible to scammers even if its duly registered. There are calls that may look like just a local call but actually it came from overseas and could charge you hefty amount when answered.

Whenever you receive calls from unfamiliar numbers with unfamiliar codes, you take extra caution when answering. These caller might be associated with scammers. They might ask you questions that would compromise your personal details. Do not fall for any of their tricks. If the call is suspicious to you, then better not answer.

How to block unwanted calls from area code 684?

There are ways to avoid getting disturbing calls from unwanted numbers. Just follow the quick guide below:

For Androids

First, open your recent call logs then click "details". After that, tap on "block number".

For iPhone

The process is quite the same. Go to recent call logs then tap "i". Scroll until the bottom and tap "block this caller".

Is area code 684 toll free?

Area code 684 is not a toll free number. Charges may apply when performing calls with area code 684. Cost of calls may vary depending on location be it local or international calls. Usually, calls performed internationally are more pricey. You may contact any of your telecommunications provider to know more about these concern.

In conclusion

Always take caution when taking calls you don't recognize. Scammers are stepping up their way to dupe people. Whenever you see area code 684 flashing on your phone screen, you have to know that its from American Samoan. If you are not sure about the caller better not answer.



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