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703 Area Code-Location, Time Zone. Toll Free? Scam? Who's Calling?

State Virginia
Timezone Eastern (ET)
Is Area Code 703 Toll Free? No
Major Cities Arlington

Seeing an area code we aren’t familiar with can raise all sorts of concerns. Where is it coming from? Is it a scam? Where did area code 703 originate? To put all concerns to rest, 703 is an area code encompassing the northeastern part of Virginia and its independent cities. Read on learn more about the 703 code and have your questions answered.

Where Did The 703 Area Code Originate?

Area Code 703 and 581 are the area codes for  northern Virginia encompassing its major cities of Alexandria, Fairfax, Falls Church, Manassas and Manassas Park Area as well as Arlington and Fairfax counties. Fauquier, Lourdoun, Prince William and Stafford counties are also part of the 703 area code. It was one of the 86 original North American Area codes created in 1947. Area code 571 was created on March 1, 2000 to overlap with area code 703 and allow additional numbers to be created. Today, more than 200,000 residents of Arlington use both 703 and 571 area codes.

Originally, Virginia’s only area code was 703 but in 1973, due to an expansion of population and the telephone boom, a split needed to be undertaken as there was a need for additional numbers and it came in the form of area code 804. Twenty-two years later, the demand was still on the rise hence the birth of area code 504. Today, area code 703 and its overlay 571 encompass a great part of northern Virginia and its neighboring cities.

How To Make Calls to a 703 Area Code?

To make calls to a 703 Area Code, simply dial in 7-0-3 along with the seven digit number. The top-cities in the 703 Area Code in terms of population are:

  • Arlington County-220,880
  • Woodbridge-196,987
  • Alexandria-193,338
  • Fairfax-157,233

Is 703 toll free? How do I get a 703 number

703 is not a toll free number. To obtain a 703 number, simply go to your phone service provider and purchase your 703 area code number.

What Timezone Does Area Code 703 Follow?

Area code 703 follows the Eastern timezone also known as American/ New York timezone. Eastern time is also known as UTC/GMT-5 during standard time and UTC/GMT-4 during summertime where daylight saving time is being observed. Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5) would be the advisable hour to follow during all the other times of the year. It is important to note these timezones before making a call to avoid any untoward incidences.

Is area code 703 a scam?

As we are all aware there have been several scams going on where calls have been coming from particular area codes, especially in this day and age where people are now allowed to choose and customize their own numbers, it can be difficult to tell where the number is truly coming from. We’d like to assume that it’s coming from the area of the said area code, but we could be terribly wrong.

In the event of a scam, it would be advisable to block the number. Here are some steps on how to block a number.

For Android phones:

  • Go to Recent Calls
  • Click ‘Details’
  • Click ‘Block this Number’

For iPhone Users

  • Tap the encircled ‘i’
  • Click ‘Block this number’

What More to Know and How Area Code 703 Can Help Your Business

Area Code 703 is the assigned area code for the northeastern part of Virginia and its neighboring towns. If you are looking to start a business within this area, particularly the Arlington area then it would be wise to sign up for a 703 area code phone number in order to be more relatable to clients and customers. It is practical and cost-efficient for your customers to dial a local phone number meaning they might be more likely to give you a call vs an out of state number. Having a local phone number for your business would give you a presence within the community not to mention it wouldn’t normally cost them anything to call you on a lot or plans and that may encourage them to pay more attention to your business!



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