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708 Area Code. Location. Time Zone. Toll Free? Scam? Who's Calling?

State Illinois
Timezone Central Time (CT)
Is Area Code 708 Toll Free? No
Major Cities Chicago

It is not unusual for you to get concerned whenever a number comes through with a new area code. Many people wonder about the location of the caller in such a case. Others get concerned about whether the call is even genuine or not. In this article, we shall attempt to help you in dealing with such fears.

Where did area code 708 come from?

This was the first area code for Illinois but it covers most of the southern suburbs of Chicago after it was split off from area code 312 in 1989 according to records with the North American Numbering Plan. Most of western and southern Cook County as well as southern and eastern parts of Will County in the state of Illinois are served by this area code 708.

Is area code 708 scam?

No incident of scamming has so far been reported in connection with area code number 708 but given that incidents of spam and/or scam calls are a reality, it is incumbent upon you to be on high alert. In order to do this effectively, beware of numbers which have got low Trust Factor ratings and those with the most negative feedback from users or the community of CallerSmart. Numbers with low Trust Factor are arrived at through the exercise of finding out nuisance calls and texts or suspected spam calls which are seen to be emanating from area code 708. The best way to go about this exercise is to run a reverse phone look up on a number that you are suspicious of and which begins with area code number 708.

Why should I get area code 708 for my business?

Having your own area code number 708 especially for your business can be very essential for the growth of your business. You can get the virtual (708) Area Code business phone number no matter where you are in the above prescribed areas. Virtual phone number offers unlimited minutes, call screening, call forwarding, customized voice mail, call history logs and much more. Monthly subscription charges are averagely $20 with no need for additional hardware.

How do I call up a 708 number?

You can dial any number which begins with area code 708 in three different ways since it is registered under North American Numbering Plan. One way of doing this is to dial eleven digits which are firstly the one digit country code, three digit area code and finally the seven digit phone number especially for international borders. Method two is to dial the seven digit phone number without the area code and the third option is to dial the three digit area code number and then the seven digit phone number.

Is area code 708 toll-free?

Much as area code number 708 is regulated by the North American Numbering Plan just like is the case with toll-free numbers in the US, Canada and other 22 other countries , area code number 708 is not toll-free.


It is now doubtless that next time you are called by a number with area code number 708, you will have no reason to worry about the location of your caller or the legitimacy of the call.



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