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734 Area Code. Location. Time Zone. Toll Free? Scam? Who's Calling?

State Michigan
Timezone Eastern Time (ET)
Is Area Code 734 Toll Free? No
Major Cities Ann Arbor

You will agree with me that when you see a new area code as your incoming call, a lot of questions and even fear can cross your mind. This is because of the rising number of phone scams associated with new area codes. However count yourself lucky as this guide shall help you know more about area code 734 and give you a guide on how to deal with scam.

Where does the Area Code 734 Come From?

Area Code 734 is a numbering plan in North America which was created in December 31st 1997 covering south portions of South East Michigan including all of Washtenaw and Monroe counties as well as Southern and Western portions of  Wayne County.

How do I get my own Code 734 number?

Having your own code 734 number especially for your business can be very essential for the growth of your business and you can get the virtual (734) Area Code business phone number no matter where you are in the country. Virtual phone number offers unlimited minutes, call screening, call forwarding, customized voice mail, call history logs and more. They offer $20 per month and no additional hardware is required.

How do I call Area Code 734 number?

Have you ever received a call from a number of 734 code? If yes, you must be tempted to know who was calling you and want to call the number back. While you can call back, this is not the best thing to do. If anything, it is the worst action as scammers use these codes and calling makes you spend on abnormal charges. However, do not just sit and do nothing. You can trace who was calling by performing a reverse phone look up research by the help of Intelius which provides a report that includes phone type and carrier, the owner’s name, their current and past addresses, age, relatives and much more. You can equally check the caller through various call checker applications.

Is Area Code 734 a scam?

Scams are quite popular in this age and era due to an increase in mobile phone usage and online services. A recent search shows police warning against phony cop, phone scam targeting 734 Area Code. They said the phony cop calling number within the 734 area code trying to make the call sound authentic by naming a Jude at 35th District Court, but on the brighter side police reported one has fallen victim to the scam.

Is Area Code 734 Free?

The (734) Area Code is not a toll free number. It is a code used for business; charging $20 per month with no additional fees and no contracts.

How is Area Code 734 Essential for my Business?

For the growth of your business and reaching out to your customers, the virtual (734) area code offers fast simple business phone numbers and you don’t have to miss a customer call again. It offers unlimited minutes, call screening, call forwarding, customized voice mail, call history logs and more.



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