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743 Area Code - Location, Time Zone. Toll Free? Scam? Who's Calling?

State North Carolina
Timezone Eastern Time (ET)
Is Area Code 743 Toll Free? No
Major Cities Greensboro, Burlington, Lexington, Archdale, Elon

A call coming from a new area code can be quite alarming. You don't have any idea where does it originate from or if the call is not associated with scammers. Area code 743 is a unique code that was created to provide specific service to a region in United States. Below are some mostly asked questions about area code 743.

What is area code 743 and where is it coming from?

Area code 743 is an overlay plan to the area code 336, which covers the northwestern and north-central portion of the U.S state North Carolina. It was used for issuing new numbers due to the reason that area code 366 will be exhausted in the year 2016.

Area code 743 is located within the Eastern Time zone and covers the surrounding cities of North Carolina such as Greensboro, Burlington, Lexington, Archdale, Elon, High Point, Asheboro, Reidsville, Gibsonville, Elkin, Wallburg, Forest Oaks, Wentworth, Mulberry, North Wilkesboro, Glen Raven, Mayodan, Stokesdale, Randleman, Miller Creek, Yadkinville, Walkertown, Yanceyville, Kernersville, Mount Airy, Fairplains, and more.

Is area code 743 a scam?

Since a great number of 743 numbers are being used around North America, there is a probability that these scammers are also using one. Phone scam is one of the most commonly used trick by the scammers nowadays since there is a continuous rapid growth of cell phones and paging users.

Scammers might call your phone and would state that they are from someone that you trusted, like a government agency. They uses this chance to earn your trust and ask regarding your personal information.

Do not fall for this trick. Ask for the name of the company and search it on google to know if the number they have used for calling is presented to its official website. If you do not find any valid information about the number, hang up the call and block the number instantly.

How to block unwanted 743 calls?

If a suspicious number keeps on calling your phone, blocking the number might help. Follow these procedure on how you can block a number:


  • Visit recent call logs and locate the suspicious number that you want to block. Then tap the "i" and tap on "block this caller".


  • Open your recent call logs on phone, find the number then click "details". After that, tap on "block number".

Is area code 743 toll free?

Area code 743 is not toll free. It belongs to the telephone area codes in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) that has charges when a call or text message is placed both locally and internationally. Charges may be done per-minute of the call or a monthly subscription offered by the telecommunications carrier.

In conclusion

Never answer a call that you are not familiar where it is coming from. If the call is too suspicious, proceed to blocking the number by following the given procedure above.



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