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747 Area Code - Location, Time Zone. Toll Free? Scam? Who's Calling?

State California
Timezone Pacific Time (PT)
Is Area Code 747 Toll Free? No
Major Cities Los Angeles, San Fernando, Agoura Hills, Oak Park, Burbank

When you encounter a new area code calling or sending you messages, the first thing comes in to your mind is if the call is linked with scammers. The 747 is a unique code intended only for a specific area. If you want to know more about this area code, here are some information that might be useful for you...

What is 747 number and what location is it coming from?

The 747 area code is a special code in California that serves the southern and western areas of San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles County, California.

The area code 747 became effective on October 11, 2009. It is a split from the 818 area code, and was implemented by the telephone industry and California Public Utilities Commission. The 747 area code covers the major cities of California including Los Angeles, San Fernando, Agoura Hills, Oak Park, Burbank, and more.

Are calls from 747 area code a scam?

Calls from 747 are mostly not associated with scammers. However, just to be sure, always make sure the location of the call. If the caller mentions a name of a company, make sure to visit their official site and confirm if the number calling is in their contact information.

If you do not find the number on their site, end the call immediately or do not reply to the message. Just to be sure, you can also block the number.

Where is area code 747?

The area code 747 is a California area code. It was decided by the California Public Utilities Commission on 2008, that the area code 747 would overlay the area code 818. The dialing pattern for local calls of the same NPA (area code) is 1+10D.

How do I block unwanted calls from 747?

If you wish to stop receiving unwanted calls from 747 number, here's some quick steps on how to block a number from your phone:

If you are an iPhone user;

  • Go to your recent calls and click the "i"
  • Scroll down to see "block this caller" and click it.

If you are an Android user;

The steps are quite similar from the iPhone users.

  • Open your recent calls
  • Click the "details" and click "block number"

Is 747 area code toll free?

The 747 area code is not toll free. Chargers may apply depending on the company of what communication services you acquired. To make it sure, verify the terms and agreements of the company.


It is important to know that the 747 area code is not toll free. The area code covers only a specific area and outside the country calls may apply charges.



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