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762 Area Code - Location, Time Zone. Toll Free? Scam? Who's Calling?

State Georgia
Timezone Eastern Time (ET)
Is Area Code 762 Toll Free? No
Major Cities Augusta, Athens, Dalton, Calhoun, Columbus, Grovetown

Notifications that originates from a new area code can be worrying, at the same suspicious. You tend to wonder who is calling? Where is it coming from? Is the call safe for you to answer? Worry no more for we addressed these concerns and more below.

What is area code 762 and what location is it from?

Area code 762 is one of the telephone area codes that provides service to the U.S. state of Georgia and its surrounding cities and communities. It was established to overlay area code 706 due to its nearly exhaustion for any telephone exchange prefixes. Area code 762 was put in service on May 16, 2006, and is located within the Eastern Time zone.

The surrounding cities and communities that this area code covers are Augusta, Athens, Dalton, Calhoun, Columbus, Grovetown, Lakeview, West Point, Cleveland, Cornelia, Reed Creek, Thomson, Fairview, Baldwin, Hannahs Mill, Lindale, Summerville, Rossville, Waynesboro, Thomaston, Rome, Evans, Lindale, Braselton, Watkinsville, Monticello, and more.

Is area code 762 a scam?

Due to the growth of the mobile phone users, there is a chance that a scammer is also using a 762-xxx-xxx number. By calling your mobile phone, the caller would claim that they are someone like a customer service representative and asks about your personal information.

If the caller mentions a company name, look it up on the google and check the official website. If you do not find any valid information about the number that was used for calling, consider it as a red flag and end the call immediately. Block the number from your mobile to secure your safety.

How to block unwanted calls from area code 762?

If the 762-xxx-xxx  number that have been calling you recently seems suspicious, follow these quick steps on how to block them:

For iPhone users

  • Go to recent calls
  • Click the "i" next to the number
  • Click the "block this caller"

For Android users

  • Visit your recent calls
  • Click on "details"
  • Tap on "block number"

Is area code 762 toll free?

Area code belongs to the telephone area codes in the North American Numbering Plan (NANPA) that is not toll free. This shows that calls placed from any 762-xxx-xxx numbers will carry out a charge in your account, and it will reflect on your phone bill. Also, calling a 762-xxx-xxx number will perform a charge from your account. Charges can be done per-minute of the call. International calls cost more pricey than the local ones.

In conclusion

Always check the validity of the number before you answer the call. If it seems suspicious, do not answer it. If you want to block the number from your mobile phone, you can follow the provided guide above. Also, it is important to note that area code 762 is not toll free and could cost you an amount if you call any 762-xxx-xxx number.



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