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768 Area Code - Location, Time Zone. Toll Free? Scam? Who's Calling?

State Unassigned
Timezone Unassigned
Is Area Code 768 Toll Free? No
Major Cities Unassigned

A call from any unknown area code can be bothersome. Who is calling? Should I answer the call? Where could the call be coming from? It can also be frustrating when your curiosity rises up when you receive a call like this. Wanna know more about area code 768? Given below are some frequently asked questions regarding this area code:

Is area code 768 a scam?

There are a large number of three-digit area code that prefixes to each telephone number in North America. There is a risk the call coming from this area code is a scam, since scammers are also advancing when it comes to scamming other people.

If you happen to receive a call from an unknown number, it is to not answer the call. Some callers will say that he or she is calling from a company's customer service, when in fact, they are calling internationally. By answering to their calls or calling them back will charge your account, and the worst is the charge will be pricey.

It's better to hang up the call immediately and block the number to avoid further connection with the caller. You can also raise your concern to the Federal Communication Commissions (FCC).

What is area code 768 and what location is the call could be coming from?

Area code 768 has been planned to use as a General Purpose area code in a specific geographic area code. It is not been designated for use by the North American Numbering Plan Administrator (NANPA). Do not answer any calls from such 768 numbers for it could be associated with scammers.

How do I block unwanted calls originating from 768 numbers?

Do you keep on receiving calls from 768 numbers? Here's a given steps on how to block a number from calling or texting your mobile devices:

For Android users

  • First thing first, visit your recent call for you to find the number you would want to block
  • Click the "details" and then the "block number"

For iPhone users

  • Go to your recent call and find the number
  • Tap the "i" located on the right side of the number you want to block
  • Then scroll down to click "block this caller" to finish the process

Is area code 768 a toll free number?

No, area code 768 is surely not toll free. Calling any numbers starting 768 number is not recognized by the system, since it has not been used as one of the telephone area codes in the North American Numbering Plan.


Calls originating from this area code is a spam call. It could be associated with scammers. The calls can look like it is coming from one of the states in United States, but it is actually an international call. It is better to not answer any calls that you do not recognize where it is coming from, to avoid getting scammed.



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