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781 Area Code. Location. Time Zone. Toll Free? Scam? Who's Calling?

State Massachusetts
Timezone Eastern (ET)
Is Area Code 781 Toll Free? No
Major Cities Boston

When did the 781 area code come to be?

781 area code is the main telephone code for the city of Boston and its environs. States across the country were first assigned telephone area codes in 1947. Massachusetts got two; area code 413 for the western part of the state and 617 for the eastern part of the state.

Boston which is in the eastern half of the state was served by area code 617 until 1988 when due to an explosion in population the area code was split with the addition of the new area code 508.  Then following a steady growth in population the area code was split again in 1997 to form area code 781.  Then in 2001 following the advancement in technology and the addition of new devices an overly  (339) was added to area code 781.

What region does area code 781 services?

The 781 area code serves the Boston city and its environment within the Massachusetts state.  It serves five counties including Suffolk County, Norfolk County, Essex County, Plymouth County, and Middlesex County.  The major cities and communities serviced by the area code include Melrose, Norwood, Randolph, Woburn, Braintree, Winchester, Revere, Wakefield, Burlington, Waltham, Needham, Wellesley, Medford, Weymouth, Dedham, Dedham, Saugus,  Lexington, Marblehead, Lexington, Arlington, Stoneham and Marblehead among others.

What is the time zone for area code 781?

Area code 781 serves the Boston region which lies in the Eastern Time Zone.  The Eastern Time zone is sometimes referred to as the Easter Stand Time (EST) or the Easter Daylight Time (EDT). As EST the eastern time zone has a -5hours offset against the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC and as an ETD it has -4 hours offset. It is the same time frame for neighboring states such as Ohio, Vermont, New Jersey, New York, and Main.

How do you call area code 781 numbers?

Calling area code 781 follows the same convention as any other call you make. Calling from international locations you first dial the country code for USA ("1") followed by the area code (781) and then the number you intend to call. To call this area code from anywhere within the united states or the state of Massachusetts then you have to use the 10 digit dialing which came into effect in 2017. This means that you first dial the area code followed by the number you want to call.

Is area code 781 toll-free?

Area Code 781 is not free. Like all area codes in North America tied to a specific location, the 781 area code is not designed to be free. In the United States and North America, toll-free area codes do not serve a specific geographical location.

Is 781 area code a scam?

Area Code 781 is meant to serve all residents of Boston and its surrounding. It is therefore not a scam. However, Boston is a large city that has its fair share of scammers. This does not mean that you should not receive calls with this code for fear of being scammed. Instead, you should be careful with what you share over the phone knowing that you could be scammed.

How to avoid being scammed by 781 callers?

The number one rule to avoid being scammed is to avoid talking to strangers. If you don't engage a scammer your odds of not being scammed increases. Number two don't share any personal information with a stranger over the phone even if the individual claims to be from the government, your bank, or even your insurance company. Finally, block all numbers you believe are from scammers. Whatever you do on the phone make sure that you are careful as scammers are always lurking in the darkness waiting for their next victim.



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