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807 Area Code - Location, Time Zone. Toll Free? Scam? Who's Calling?

State Canada
Timezone Eastern/Central Time (E/CT)
Is Area Code 807 Toll Free? No
Major Cities Kenora

A call from a new area code can trigger one's curiosity. You may wonder where is the call coming from? Who is calling? Is the call linked with scammers? Area code 807 is one of the telephone area codes in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP). Provided below are numbers of commonly asked question about area code 807.

What is area code 807 and what location is it coming from?

Area code 807 was developed in early 1962, providing service to the Canadian province of Ontario. The area code is split to between the Eastern and Central Time Zone. It stayed as the only area code in Ontario that has not been overlaid, and still with 7-digit dialing.

The cities and communities that are covered by the area code 807 are Kenora, Fort Frances, Hudson, Terrace Bay, Greenstone, Red Lake, Pickle Lake, Schreiber, Vermilion Bay, Madsen, Devlin, Barwick, Balmertown, Dorion, Flanders, Madsen, Stratton, Ogoki, Perrault Falls, Nestor Falls, Sapawe, White River, Nipigon, Manitouwadge, Longlac, Geraldton, Deer Lake, Caramat, Beardmore, and more.

Is area code 807 a scam?

There is a probability that a scammer is also using a 807-xxx-xxx number. Even though area code 807 is one of the least populated area codes in Canada, scammers could still find a way in order to find a victim.

Scammers might claim that they a representative from a customer service team. In this way, they could gain your trust and attempts to ask about your personal information. Ask the name of the company for you to do a background check and to know whether the number is being used by the company.

If you did not find the number, consider it as a spam call. Hang up from the call immediately and block the number.

How do I block the calls coming from area code 807?

If an 807 number keeps on calling you, blocking the number is one of the most effective way to stop receiving their calls. Here's how:

iPhone users

  • Go to your recent call logs
  • Tap the "i"
  • Tap "block this caller"

Android users

  • Tap the phone icon
  • Tap on "details"
  • Tap "block number"

Is area code 807 toll free?

No. It is not toll free. If you are using an 807 number and placed a call whether a local one or an international one, a charge will be performed. International calls or long-ranged calls may cost pricey than the local ones. The charge may also vary on how it is obtained. The call may be charge per-minute or how long the call lasted.

In conclusion

Unfamiliar calls has a high possibility that it is associated with scammers. If the caller keeps on asking regarding your personal information, consider it as a red flag. Block the number by following the given guide above. Also, keep in mind to never answer the call unless the caller sends a text message or a voicemail after calling you.



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