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814 Area Code. Location. Time Zone. Toll Free? Scam? Who's Calling?

State Pennsylvania
Timezone Eastern Time (ET)
Is Area Code 814 Toll Free? No
Major Cities Altoona

How often do you receive new calls with new or strange area codes?  It is my guess that you have in the recent past received a strange call with an entirely odd number; it is now more common, especially with the rise of online scammers. At first sight, such a call will fuel much concern like, who is the caller? Could the call be coming from a scammer? What is the original location of the caller? For starters, it is essential that you are on the watch for telephone scammers and also get a full understanding of Area codes and tips on how to deal with dubious scam calls.

Where did area code 814 come from?

With the first number being an 8, most phone users confuse the 814 area code for a Toll-Free area code. However, the 814 area code is a general purpose code in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) that serves the northwestern and central parts of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The code was first assigned to the area on 1st January 1947.

The Pennsylvania 814 area code lies within the Eastern Time Zone and serves 27 counties and by far the largest geographical area in the US.  Within the counties, the code serves around 177 locations/cities in the region. Over the last few months, there have been underway plans to overlay the code with a new 582 area code. Until now, if you receive a call with a new 814 code, it is most certain that it could be originating from any of the 27 counties in the state of Pennsylvania.

How do I get my own 814 number?

The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission is solely mandated to regulate 814 area code numbers in the 27 counties. They disseminate area code to telephone carriers who in turn provide businesses and individual users with 814 numbers. Some of the renowned carriers include Aerial Communications, Armstrong Telecommunications among others.

How do I call an 814 number?

Until now, the 814 area code support a 7D calling pattern; however, there are plans to shift to the 10D dialing pattern in the US. If you are making the call locally, you will need to include the 814 area code + the 7D telephone number. On the other hand, if you are calling from abroad, you should include a +1 on the number, e.g. +1 814 782 7834.

Is area code 814 a scam?

You will most likely not know if the phone is a scam until you pick it up. Be on the watch out! Do a quick scrutiny on your caller and perform a check on the caller and business information provided. If you notice any irregularities with the provided details, do not hesitate to block the number.

How to block unwanted 855 calls

Here is how you block suspicious call numbers.

Android users:

· Find to Recent Calls

· Choose Details

· Tap Block Number

iPhone users:

· Tap the encircled (i) in your recent calls menu

· Choose more information

· Click Block this number

Is Area Code 814 Toll-Free?

No, it is not! Like we stated earlier, the 814 is not a Toll-Free area code as it is linked/ associated with a specific geographical area, Pennsylvania.

Toll-Free Area Codes

Toll-Free Area Codes are not particularly affiliated to specific geographical location. They are often used by businesses as customer feedback lines and are commonly used in the US, Canada, and other counties that use the North American Numbering Plan. They include codes such as 800, 833, 844, 855, 877,888 and 866.



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