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817 Area Code - Location, Time Zone. Toll Free? Scam? Who's Calling?

State Texas
Timezone Central Time (CT)
Is Area Code 817 Toll Free? No
Major Cities Fort Worth, Mansfield, Haltom, Irving, Southlake, Hurst

Unfamiliar calls can somehow lead your curiosity at peak, especially if the caller keeps on calling your phone. You might think about why is it calling you, or where is the call coming from. Worry not, for we addressed these concerns and other more below.

What is area code 817 and where is it coming from?

Area code 817 was created in 1953, to cover the area of 915 telephone numbering plan. It covers the U.S state of Texas including its cities and communities. In 2000, it was reconfigured as a complex overlay plan with a second area code due to the increased of telecommunication services.

Calls that originates from this area code could be coming from the cities and communities in Texas such as Fort Worth, Mansfield, Haltom, Irving, Southlake, Hurst, Grapevine, Cleburne, Burleson, Grand Prairie, Arlington, White Settlement, Benbrook, Coppell, Forest Hill, Rendon, Keller, Azle, Richland Hills, River Oaks, Briar, Kennedale, Willow Park, Sansom Park, Keene, and more.

Is area code 817 a scam?

Since the use of mobile phones have increased for the past years, scammers are also stepping up their ways to find victims. They tend to call your phone and would pretend that they are someone that you trusted– such as a close relative, or from a government agency. If the caller asks some questions regarding your personal information, it is better not to answer it.

Ask for the name of the company or business where they came from and do a background check by searching it up on the internet. If you do not find valid information about the number, end the call and block the number instantly to avoid further interaction with the same number again.

How to block unwanted 817 calls?

If the call that you have received recently is a suspicious call and would want to block the number, follow the provided guide below for you to block the number:

For iPhone users

  • Visit your phone's recent call logs
  • Locate the number
  • Tap on the encircled "i"
  • Tap on "block this caller"

For Android users

  • Open your phone's recent call logs
  • Find the number
  • Click the "details"
  • Click "block number"

Is area code 817 toll free?

Area code 817 is not a toll free telephone area code. Calls and text messages placed from any of 817 numbers performs a charge that will reflect in your phone bill. The cost may vary to how long the call was made or how many text messages were sent. To know more regarding this concern, you may contact your phone's local telecommunication carrier.

In conclusion

It is normal to be unfamiliar with some area codes. If you do not recognize a number or an area code, you can search on google and see where it is registered from. Also, if the call is suspicious enough, take it as a red flag and block the number immediately.



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