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823 Area Code - Location, Time Zone. Toll Free? Scam? Who's Calling?

State Unassigned
Timezone Unassigned
Is Area Code 823 Toll Free? No
Major Cities Unassigned

When you receive a call from an unfamiliar area code, what usually comes to your mind? Do questions like "Is the call linked with scammers?", "Who could it be?", "Is the call that safe to answer?" ever comes into your mind? Worry no more for we addressed these questions and more below...

What is area code 823 and where could the call be coming from?

The area code 823 is a General Purpose area code and is assigned to a geographic area. It is not been utilized for use by the North American Numbering Administrator (NANPA). Calling any number 823-xxx-xxx is not recognized by the system, since it is not one of the telephone area codes in the NANP.

Any calls coming from this area code could be a scam. It is best to check the number on the internet first, just to be sure.

Are calls coming from area code 823 a scam?

Since phone scams are one of the most common trick to scam other people, there is a possibility that calls from area code 823 is a scam. As what mentioned previously, area code 823 is not been assigned for use by the NANPA. This means that any 823 numbers do not exist. If you receive a call from any number starting 823 while in the U.S., it is from a scammer.

Do not answer any calls coming from area code 823. Some calls charges you with a fee, and the cost may be pricey especially if the origin of the call is from an international phone number. You can block the number from your phone so you won't be receiving any calls from any 823 numbers.

How to block calls coming from area code 823?

Is the call that you have receive is associated with scammers? Here's how you can block a number from your mobile phone:


  • First, visit your recent call logs to find the number you want to block
  • Click the "i"
  • After that, click "block this caller" for the last step


  • The steps are quite the same from the previous one. Go to your recent call logs
  • Click "details", then "block number"

Is the area code 823 toll free?

The area coded 823 is not toll free. Since this area code is not assigned for use by the NANPA, calling any 823 numbers is not authorized by the system. Any numbers starting with 823-xxx-xxx in the United States do not exist.


If you receive a call coming from area code 823, it is a spam call. Since it is not used as a telephone area code in the United States, calls coming from this area code could be involved with scammers. It is important to note that before you answer an unknown number, make sure you search it on the internet to recognize where is the call coming from.



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