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917 Area Code - Location, Time Zone. Toll Free? Scam? Who's Calling?

State New York
Timezone Eastern (ET)
Is Area Code 917 Toll Free? No
Major Cities New York City

New York City (NYC) has a substantial population, which has increased dramatically over the years. When the population increases it can lead to a  lack of numbers, so New York City created the 917 area code in 1992, to increase the amount of phone numbers available.

The 917 area code was the first overlapping area code used in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) covering 5 municipalities within New York City: the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island. The area code provides an overlay code for all of the numbering plan areas (NPAs) throughout the city and was meant to accommodate cellular, pager and voicemail applications across the city, a limitation that was later ruled unlawful from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), while maintaining this use within New York City. The area code 917 is also used on landlines, mainly for Manhattan, in order to overcome the shortage of numbers there. It works alongside other area codes, such as 212, 332, 718, 374 and 646.

History Behind the 917 Area Code:

The primary area code for all counties of New York City used to be 212, and this was determined by the North American numbering plan from 1947. The Numbering Plan Area (NPA) was redistributed in 1984 when Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island were assigned a different numbering plan area using the 718 area code, and 212 was limited to only Manhattan and the Bronx.

The New York telephone company in 1990 intended to allocate a 917 area code to all mobile phones and pagers in Manhattan and all phone lines throughout the Bronx to overcome the shortage of numbers in Manhattan, but this request was denied by the New York Public Service Commission.

In 1992, however, the area code 212 was changed to Manhattan instead, and Marble Hill and the Bronx were incorporated under 718. All city districts were provided with an additional area code 917, arranged in an overlapping plan.

Introduced on 4th February 1992, it was the initial overlay area code 917 of the North American numbering plan. When this was implemented, all New York City cell phones were migrated with the 917 area code, clearing numbers to accommodate additional landlines.

Soon after the 917 area code was introduced, it was determined by the FCC that limiting the area codes only to certain types of services was forbidden, although the 917 area code continued on the grandfather's side.

The area code 917 has become the final area code which was applied under the original X1X format and the last digit of which was not 0.

What time zone does area code 917 follow?

As is the case in most cities on the United States' eastern front, the Eastern Time (ET) is used in New York for this area code. This time zone is 5 hours behind Coordinated Universal Time or Greenwich Mean Time. Thus, the city adheres to UTC/GMT-5 during the period November to March, but changes to Daylight Saving Time during the months March to November. Therefore, during these months, the 917 area code works in Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), i.e. UTC/GMT-4. If you are making a call to people or companies in the area, this information is very helpful to keep the same time as they do.

Expansion to NYC with a local 917 area code business number

New York City has a reputation for its diverse population and acceptance of organizations in different fields. Everyone is free to set up business in the city and grow a respectable clientele. And with its diverse ethnicity, a company's capabilities to engage the right clientele can be easily tested.

In addition, it can help determine which markets are worth targeting up next. One of the best ways to benefit from this is to tap into the NYC market with no relocation costs. A telephone number with the 917 area code for New York City can assist you in doing just that. In addition, many organizations feel that telephone numbers from particular areas can bring more credibility to the company's brand. Getting a phone number in a city that has one of the largest economies can certainly make a difference to your brand.

What is the 917 area code timezone?

Based in Illinois, the area code 917 is the central time zone, exactly like New York. It is also called the time zone America/New York.

Using the time zone option assists in making calls from various time zones, further simplifying the process of establishing companies and telephone numbers in compliance to the local time zones.

What regions could a 917 call come from?

You can find phone numbers with 917 area code in the following locations: Woodside, Staten Island, Saint Albans, Manhattan, New York, South Richmond Hill, Bayside, Brooklyn, Bronx, and Flushing.



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