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925 Area Code. Location. Time Zoning. Toll Free? Who's Calling?

State California
Timezone Pacific Time (PT)
Is Area Code 925 Toll Free? No
Major Cities Pleasanton

When you receive a call from an unknown area code you didn’t interact with before you get skeptical most of the time. With the number of spammers, scammers, telemarketers, it has just become very overwhelming. If you suffer from that please continue reading as here we will talk about area code 925.

What is area code 925?

Area code 925 is part of the California state telephone area codes. It covers the East Bay counties of Alameda and Contra Costa in Northern California.

The History of area code 925

Area code 925 is a split from the area code 510 that was used in the area up until March 14, 1998. It is considered a fairly new area code. The area was originally part of the 415-area code, which was established in the year 1947. In 1991, a new area code 510 was created to help with the increased demand for landlines in the area. By March 14, 1988, the area code 510 was split along the border of Berkeley Hills, and area code 925 was created.

The 925-area code covers southeastern Alameda County including the cities; Pleasanton, Sunol, Livermore, and Dublin, and the surrounding communities. It services also all of the Contra Costa County with the exception of the Western part of the County (El Cerrito to Crockett).

Can I receive a scam call from area code 925?

With the technology now available, scammers can use software to mask their real area code with another one. However, it is highly unlikely for scammers to use area code 925 in their calls. Scammers use mainly toll-free area codes, and this is not one of them. However, we strongly advise you to be cautious when dealing with any unknown number or caller. Never reveal any personal information like address, bank account, credit card number, etc. to an unknown number that calls you. And if you suspect that a certain number is a scammer block it immediately and report it.

How can I block a number with area code 925?

Blocking an unwanted call differs according to your phone's operating system (iPhone or Android). However, do not be alarmed the steps for both systems are very easy and systematic that it won’t matter what phone brand you are using.

To block unwanted calls from area code 925, do the following steps:

If you are using an Android phone: (no matter the brand)

· Go to the Recent Calls menu.

· Click Details (besides the number you want to block)

· Click Block Number, and Voila. You won't receive any calls from that number anymore.

If you are using an iPhone: (It is recommended that you update to the latest software)

· Go to your Recent Calls menu.

· Choose the number you want to block that has area code 925 in it.

· Click the encircled (i) beside the number.

· Click more information from the next menu.

· Click Block this number, and just like that you have blocked that number you will not receive any unwanted calls from this number once again.



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