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927 Area Code - Location, Time Zone. Toll Free? Scam? Who's Calling?

State Florida
Timezone Eastern Time (Et)
Is Area Code 927 Toll Free? No
Major Cities Orlando

When you receive a call or text message from a new area code, it can be quite bothersome. Who could it be? Is it safe to answer the call? Where is it coming from? These are just one of the few commonly asked questions about receiving calls from an unfamiliar area codes. Worry no more for below are information that might help your curiosity about area code 927.

Is area code 927 a scam?

There is a possibility that calls coming from this area code could be linked with scammers. Since scammers are over-the-place nowadays, they could be using a 927 number. They might pretend that they are someone you trust like family members, government agency, or from a customer service team.

To avoid any interaction with these kind of callers, the best way is to never answer a call if you do not recognize where it is from. Ensure first that you recognize the caller before you answer it. If not, block the caller for it might be a scammer.

What is area code 927 and where could it be coming from?

Area code 927 was once reserved for cellular telephones use in the 407 area code, which is located in the U.S. state of Florida. The state is located within the Eastern Time. However, the reservation of area code 927 has been cancelled. Calls coming any 927-xxx-xxx numbers can be a scam.

Is area code 927 toll free?

No, area code 927 is surely not toll free. However, it has not been assigned for use as a telephone area code in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP). Calling this number is not authorized by the system. Also, calls coming from this area code could be related with scammers.

How do I block a call from area code 927 from my phone?

Did you receive a call from area code 927 and suspects that it is coming from a scammer? Blocking the caller will lessen your chance in getting scammed. Here's a guide on how to block them from your mobile devices:

iPhone user

  • Open your recent call logs, and find the number of the caller you want to block. Tap the "i" and scroll down to click "block this caller" for the last step.

Android user

  • The process from above is quite similar for the Android users. Again, you open your recent call logs and find the suspected number. Click the "details" and "block number" to finish the process.

In conclusion

Any 927-xxx-xxx numbers do not exist across North America. If you receive a call that originates from area code 927, it is a spam call, do not answer it. Block the number by following the guide provided above to avoid more interaction with the caller. You can also send a report to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) about this matter.



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