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Area Code 941 Explained

State Florida
Timezone Eastern
Is Area Code 941 Toll Free? No

Seeing a new area code show up can make you wonder whether the call is worth picking up. Here is a little more information if that call has a 941 area code.

Where is Area Code 941?

The 941 area code covers a portion of Florida along the Gulf of Mexico on the state's western side. That includes Manatee County, Sarasota County, and Charlotte County. It includes many of the cities along the Sun Coast of the state, including Venice, Englewood, Longboat Key, Punta Gorda, Palmetto, Port Charlotte. The 941 area code covers the North Port – Bradenton – Sarasota Metro area. The area code is wholly within the Eastern Time Zone and is one of many Florida area codes.

A History of the 941 Area Code

In 1947 the entire State of Florida had a single area code, 305. Since then many overlays and splits have occurred to keep up with rising demand. Area code 941 came into use on March 3rd 1996 in a split with 813 and covers and area along the coast in southwest Florida.

These changes were necessary to facilitate and support the growth of the area over time. It’s important to note that these changes occurred as demand increased due to population growth and new homes in the area.

Area codes in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) cover most of North America, including the USA, Canada, and some Caribbean nations. When dialing a phone number within the NANP, a country code is necessary when calling from outside of the nation - for local calls this is not normally necessary. This is generally followed by the area code, Numbering Plan Area (NPA) Code, Central Office Code or NXX, and the 4-digit subscriber number.

A number of scams can be attributed to the 941 area code, as with many areas of this region. In some situations, telemarketers have used the 941 area code as their base for contacting and soliciting sales or services over the phone. This is an older style scam that took place when most people used landlines but continues today to some degree.

Other scams are less simple. There are some area code scams for 941 that include a request for money, in some cases, stating that the caller is a member of the Armed Forces, local police station, or firefighters association. They request a donation, but that donation never makes it to the actual organization.

By some reports, the 941 area code has received millions of phone calls considered scams or telemarketers. Most of these are robocalls, where there is no person on the other line to answer questions. Some scams involve the caller pretending to be a member of the IRS or another organization. These often target seniors who may be more willing to pay a bill over the phone.

The 941 area code is a large one, and as such, it can be very important to protect your privacy by knowing who is calling you at any time.



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