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977 Area Code. Location. Time Zone. Toll Free? Scam? Who's Calling?

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To see a new area code can be very disturbing and may lead to questions. Is it a scam or genuine? Could it be that someone is preying on me? What is the location of the caller? The questions can be many but here are a few important things about a 977 number.

What is 977 number and what location is it coming from?

First and foremost, this code is called an easily recognized code (ERC). This is the case with area code numbers of which the second and third digits are the same. Such numbers are normally assigned to special services and mostly toll-free services.

Where is Area Code 977?

As at the time of this write up, area code 977 is officially designated as an easily recognizable code and is not yet assigned for use by the North American Numbering Plan.

Is 977 number a scam?

With reference to the foregoing, kindly note that any phone call or text message from area code number 977 is a scam since it has not been assigned for toll-free services yet by the North American Numbering Plan. In the fullness of time however, it might be assigned to serve as a toll-free number. When that time comes, it might be used by businesses for some form of communication to customers. This kind of number is very easy to customize and so fraudsters capitalize on this opportunity to scam unsuspecting individuals.

They may apply confidence machinations by pretending to be a bank to ask for your account details and rob your money. Whenever this happens to you, hang up immediately and block the number.

How to block unwanted 977 calls

If you do not want to receive any calls from 977 numbers, simply follow the steps hereunder:

For iPhone users;

- Click the encircled ‘i’ in your calls menu

- Click on ‘more information’

- Click on ‘block this number’ and that is it.

For Android users;

- Visit ‘recent calls’

- Click on ‘details’

- Click ‘block number’ and you are done.

How do I get my own area code 977 number?

In order to get your own area code 977 because it has not been assigned yet, you would need to confer with the Federal Communication Commission given that this is the agency that is charged with the responsibility of dealing with toll-free numbers in liaison with ResOrgs (Responsible Organizations). The application is considered on a first come first serve basis or occasionally by auction and you may advised to expedite on your decision to have area code 977 for your business.

Why should I get area code 977 for my business?

This would be of immense benefit because callers are exempt from charges. Instead, toll-free numbers only charge the receiver. This is improves convenience and is also a cost benefit on the part of customers. Note that toll-free numbers have a wider reach where you can be accessed from a long distance locations of the policed by the North American Numbering Plan.


It is worth repeating here that area 977 is currently not assigned. Secondly, it is an easily recognizable code which when assigned shall be a toll-free number which might be prone to manipulation and use by scammers as explained above.



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