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978 Area Code. Location. Time Zone. Toll Free? Scam? Who's Calling?

State Massachusetts
Timezone Eastern Time (ET)
Is Area Code 978 Toll Free? No
Major Cities Lowell

In the new era of mobile communication, you might have or will receive an unknown call from a random area code number; possibly one that does not alike the ones on your phonebook. Usually, the moments before picking up the call are tormenting and worrying. Random thoughts and concerns will cloud your mind, where is the call from? Would it be from a scammer? Should I pick it up? To relieve your worries, we have this guide tackled common concerns about area codes and most precisely 978 area code and the most appropriate actions if you receive a call from a scammer.

Where does the 978 area code come from?

The 978 area code is a general purpose code that serves the state of Massachusetts (MA) and most precisely north-central and most of northeastern Massachusetts. The area code was first on 16th June 1997 and first went into service on 1st September 1997. The code is an overlay or rather was split from the early 508 area code.  In 2001, a new area was created, area code 351, which is currently the single overlay to 978.

The 978 area code is located within the Eastern Time Zone and covers 4 profound counties in Massachusetts.  They include Middlesex County, Worcester County, Essex County, and Franklin County. The code can now be found within 66 cities within the 4 counties. This means that your call may be originating from either location within the stated county jurisdictions.

How do I get my own 978 number?

Typically, the State Corporation Commission of MA is responsible for the regulation of 978 code numbers and hence meaning that all caller IDs have a 978 code as they are linked to the 4 geographical counties. A dozen telephone carriers serve the area, and your number will entirely depend on the choice of your carrier. Some of the renowned carriers providing numbers in the area code include Broadview Networks, Broadwing Communications, and AT&T Local, among others.

How do I call a 978 code number?

Like most US calls, calling a 978 number requires that you do a 10-digit pattern dialing if you are within the same area code; for instance, 978-679-3084. In the event that you are calling from a foreign country, then you must include the +1, which a mandatory international code for the US. You can write it as +1 978-679-3084.

Is area code 978 a scam?

Online scams are almost inevitable. More and more scammers are using customized phone numbers to extort monies and personal information from phone users. If you receive a new 978 area code call, there is always a chance that it is a scam until you pick up the call. It is crucial that you are alert to avoid falling for the scam. To do that, ask for identification and intension of the call. Run a quick check on your caller's information and if there any red flags, block the number.

How to block unwanted 978 calls

Here is how you block suspicious phone numbers.

Android users:

· Go to Recent Calls

· Tap Details

· Click Block Number

iPhone users:

· Tap the encircled (i) in your recent calls menu

· Select more information

· Click Block this number

Is Area Code 855 Toll-Free?

No, it is a not toll-free number. The particular area code number is linked to a geographical location, i.e. the state of Massachusetts.

Toll-Free Area Codes

Toll- Free area codes are telephone codes that are not tired to particular geographical locations and are commonly used by business customer care desks. They are used within the US, Canada and other countries that use the North American Numbering Plan. They include 800, 833, 844, 866, 877, 888 and 855.



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