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Floyd Mayweather - Net Worth, Boxing, Early Life

With 15 big world titles under his belt, find out how the world-renowned American boxing champion Floyd Mayweather rose to greatness alongside his net worth.

Net Worth $300 million
Source Of WealthBoxing
Born24th February 1977
Birth NameFloyd Joy Sinclair
Height5ft 8in (173cm)

Did you know that Floyd "Money" Mayweather is the highest-paid boxer in history?

Since Floyd Mayweather got paid so much as a professional boxer, he must have been doing something right. Not only is he one of the greatest boxers to ever live, but he is also a highly successful businessman.

Despite his fame and sports prowess, there are many things that people don't know about Floyd Mayweather. So we have written a guide to help you understand things such as: Who is Floyd Mayweather? How has he become so successful?

Net Worth: How Much Is Floyd Mayweather Worth?

Floyd Mayweather earned the nickname "Money" because of how successful he is at making money. Floyd Mayweather's net worth is $500 million.

However, Mayweather himself claims his net worth exceeds $1 billion.

He has earned most of his money as a professional boxer. And he is only one of several boxers in the world who has completed their careers undefeated.

Once he became a twelve-time world champion, he expanded his brand by creating a brand called "The Money Team."

Not only is he the wealthiest boxer in the history of the sport, but he is also arguably the most successful boxer. He has not lost a match after boxing fifty different opponents.

Many people do not realize that Floyd Mayweather grew up in a low-income family with substance abuse and other challenges. He had to work hard for many years to build a net worth of (reputedly) more than a billion dollars.

Mayweather is also the world's fifth highest-paid athlete in history. He is among six athletes on the planet who have become billionaires.

Other billionaire athletes include Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Michael Jordan, and Tiger Woods. What sets him apart from these other athletes is that he amassed his wealth without endorsements.

The other five billionaire athletes gained most of their wealth by endorsing brands, products, and services.

Before Mayweather fought Saul Alvarez back in 2013, he revealed to a reporter for ESPN that he had a checking account balance of more than a million dollars.

Earning Most of His Money from Boxing

Floyd Mayweather made around half a billion dollars in just two fights. He made around $250 million in 2015 when he fought Manny Pacquiao. This is the most money any boxer has ever been paid for a single fight.

Two years later, he made millions of dollars more when he fought Conor McGregor.

More recently, Floyd Mayweather fought the YouTube star Logan Paul in an exhibition fight.

The two men agreed before the fight that Logan Paul would earn several million dollars for getting in the ring with the boxing great.

Floyd Mayweather officially retired from boxing several years ago. Typically, he made hundreds of millions of dollars per year while still participating in the sport.

This is why he is an excellent example of an athlete who knows what it takes to get paid while he sleeps.

While he did not undertake endorsements during his career, it is a different story in retirement. Today, this savvy sportsman makes several million dollars yearly from endorsements.

Floyd Mayweather's Salary

Floyd Mayweather made most of his money during his successful boxing career. While still active in the sport, he made over $30 million every year certainly in the later stages.

Almost unbelievably, he often made hundreds of millions of dollars for participating in just a single fight.

Even though he retired from the sport several years ago, he still makes a lot of money. Below, we outline some critical factors that make up his yearly salary today.

Media Appearances

Floyd Mayweather appeared on the television show "Dancing with the Stars," finishing in ninth place. Unfortunately, it is unknown how much money he made for appearing on this show, but it must have been well into the hundreds of thousands at the lowest.

He also made many millions of dollars for appearing on WWE's "WrestleMania XXIV"—the 24th annual WrestleMania professional wrestling pay-per-view (PPV) event. He fought wrestler Big Show.

After retiring from boxing, he has found new ways to make money. This is why he is an excellent example of a business person who knows how to create his own opportunities instead of looking for somebody to hire him.

Real Estate Assets

Floyd Mayweather's main house is an eleven-bedroom mansion located in Las Vegas.

He moved into the home, which was bought for several million dollars, in 2018. The spacious home covers an area of more than twenty thousand square feet.

He owns another mansion in Las Vegas, where he used to live. This mansion boasts a floorplan spanning fifteen thousand square feet.

He has another mansion in Beverly Hills.

It has a candy shop, a movie theater, and a wine room containing hundreds of high-priced and rare vintage wines. He also owns homes in Miami and New York City.

Mayweather's Car and Jet Collection

The famous boxer owns more than a dozen expensive cars. In fact, he says that he has many millions of dollars worth of cars sitting in the garage of his primary residence.

He has purchased more than a hundred cars from Towbin Motorcars in Las Vegas. The most expensive car he owns is a Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita.

It is believed that the boxer has fifteen Rolls Royces.

He also has an expensive private jet cheekily nicknamed "Air Mayweather." He bought it for himself on one of his birthdays. The plane has his name printed on it.

He has another private jet—arguably less of a favorite than the first.

Jewelry Collection

Floyd Mayweather owns many dozens of expensive watches. He says that he brings thirty pieces of jewelry with him every time he goes on vacation.

One of his watches has 239 emerald-cut baguette diamonds.

Floyd Mayweather's Early Life

The boxing great was born in 1977 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He was named after his father, who was also a professional boxer. As a welterweight fighter, his father once took on Sugar Ray Leonard.

He also has two uncles who boxed professionally. One of his uncles, Roger Mayweather, won several world championships. In addition, Roger Mayweather was one of Floyd Mayweather's coaches.

Since so many of his family members were boxers, he has been participating in the sport since he was a young child. He says that he never thought about pursuing any other profession.

Mayweather's Family

Mayweather spent most of his childhood in New Jersey. When he was young, he lived in a single room with seven other family members. They often did not have enough money to pay the electricity bill.

He would often arrive home after school and see heroin needles scattered in his front yard because many of his family members were addicted to drugs.

He did not spend much time with his father. They only went to the gym together to practice boxing. Mayweather has said his father whipped him for even the slightest transgression.

Since his parents had many personal problems and, as such, complicated lives, Floyd Mayweather has said that he raised himself.

However, his father tells a decidedly different story about the family's past. He says that even though he spent most of his time out on the streets each night, he was home during the day. He states he gave his son, Floyd Mayweather, everything he needed in terms of food and clothing.

Floyd Mayweather says that the most important parental figure in his life was his grandmother, who did what she could to raise her grandson with love and care.

Since he had such a difficult time growing up, he spent as much time as possible at the local boxing club. It was a respite from his challenging home life.

Floyd Mayweather's Career

Mayweather started his career strong by winning the Golden Gloves competitions in 1993 and 1996. He then moved on to participate in the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta.

In his semi-final match, he lost to a Bulgarian opponent. But people who watched the fight agreed that Mayweather was the better fighter. He was faster, stronger, better at defense, and had better reflexes.

Mayweather went pro after competing in the Olympics. He quickly racked up seventeen straight wins.

As a junior lightweight, he performed exceedingly well. People started noticing his skills when he went up against Diego Corrales, who had won thirty-three straight matches. Floyd Mayweather decisively won the fight.

The boxer then moved up to the lightweight division, where he took on Jose Luis Castillo, the current lightweight champion. Though this match was close, Floyd Mayweather ended up winning.

After becoming the lightweight champion, Mayweather continued to rack up wins before moving up in the weight rankings again. However, many of the opponents he fought as a junior welterweight were much less skilled than he was.

He eventually moved up to fight as a welterweight when he knocked out Sharmba Mitchell. He then fought several big-name opponents during this time and won all his matches.

The boxer had his first pay-per-view fight in 2007 with Oscar De La Hoya. Even though it was a close fight, Mayweather ended up winning.

Floyd Mayweather retired after fighting in several more pay-per-view matches. But he returned from retirement to fight several more opponents, all of whom he defeated. He ended his professional career with a 50-0 record.

Floyd Mayweather's Relationships

Floyd Mayweather has dated several women during the past few years. He is currently in a relationship with Anna Monroe, a stripper based in Las Vegas.

He has four children and one adopted son. The reality TV star Josie Harris is the mother of three of his children.


There are many things that people do not know about Floyd Mayweather. Here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

How Many Boxing Matches Has Floyd Mayweather Lost?

The boxing great fought for twenty-six years without losing a single match. And he has only lost six fights in his entire life. But all of these losses happened when he was still an amateur fighter.

He then made it to the pros and had the most impressive fighting career in the sport's history.

Is Floyd Mayweather Still Boxing?

Mayweather officially retired from the sport in 2017. However, he has retired several times before returning to the sport.

He fought YouTube star Logan Paul in 2021. But since it was an exhibition fight, he did not have to leave retirement to fight him.

Since it is not a problem for Floyd Mayweather to make money from exhibition fights, it is effortless for him to make money while in retirement and traveling.

Who Is Floyd Mayweather Dating?

The boxer is dating Anna Monroe, a stripper at the Vegas club Girl Collection. They started dating in 2020 and have gone on various vacations together.

People close to Floyd Mayweather say that the boxer has already proposed to Anna Monroe, though the couple is yet to make the engagement public.

Floyd Mayweather Net Worth: One of the Richest Athletes Ever to Live

During this star-studded career, he fought fifty professional boxing matches without losing. Most recently, he fought an exhibition match with the famous YouTuber Logan Paul.

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