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Lewis Hamilton - Net Worth, F1, Salary, Early Life

Lewis Hamilton is a British racing driver who races in Formula One for the Mercedes-AMG Petronas team. In 2008, he became the youngest driver to win the world championship. Since then, Hamilton has been one of the dominant drivers in Formula One.

Lewis Hamilton in his racing suit
Net Worth $300 million
Source Of WealthF1
Born7th January 1985
Birth NameLewis Carl Davidson Hamilton
Height5ft 9in (175cm)

Top-level motorsports is an enormously lucrative sport, although most people would assume that it's non-stop thrills and spills. There can only be 20 Formula One drivers at any one time, with thousands of others vying for a spot.

The handful of people who do make it certainly reach a level of wealth that most people can only dream of and Lewis Hamilton is no exception.

Lewis Hamilton Net Worth

Lewis Hamilton has a net worth currently of $300 million. Career wins, endorsement deals with the world's best brands, and smart investments have all helped him to accrue this vast wealth. Learn more about his life and career after the jump!

His consistent successes and careful control of his finances have led to him being recognized as the richest British sportsperson.


Hamilton's salary stands at around $40 million dollars. While that figure hasn't always been this high, he's always made decent money since his earliest years as a pro.

As Hamilton resides in Monaco, he may able to pay low tax rates, meaning he can keep even more of his salary year by year.

Business Interests

Off the track, Hamilton has several business interests, allowing him to supplement his substantial racing income.

In 2022, Hamilton entered the world of sports ownership with a stake in the NFL's Denver Broncos. This investment in one of the world's major sporting properties has the opportunity to seriously boost Hamilton's wealth.

Hamilton also owns a vegan restaurant in London. Neat Burger was launched in 2019 and won several awards for its quality food.

Music, Fashion, and Film

Hamilton has made additional money by participating in the music, fashion, and film industries. Using his reputation as a widely-loved sports star, Hamilton is in high demand for major projects.

As a rapper, he appeared on a 2018 Christina Aguilera song under the name XNDA. He has also enjoyed writing and recording music as a hobby for many years, although none of this has yet been released publicly.

As an actor, Hamilton has appeared in the Cars series, voicing an in-universe version of himself. Later, Hamilton was offered a role as a fighter pilot in Tom Cruise's rebooted Top Gun movie. Sadly, Hamilton had to turn down the chance to experience a new kind of speed due to racing commitments.

Fashion is another key interest in Lewis Hamilton's life. He co-created the TOMMY x LEWIS clothing brand, a collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger. Additionally, he serves as an ambassador for luxury watch brand IWC and is often seen wearing the company's products.

What Is Lewis Hamilton's Background?

Formula 1 driver, Lewis Hamilton, comes from a long line of successful sports stars. His father, Anthony Hamilton, was an accomplished sprinter, while his maternal grandfather represented Antigua in track and field events.

With such pedigree, it is no wonder that this ambitious young man would go on to shine as brightly as his parents did. Let us take a closer look at everything you need to know about Lewis Hamilton, his estimated net worth, salary, early life, and career.

What Was Lewis Hamilton's Early Life Like?

Hamilton was born in January 1985, in the town of Stevenage, England. His parents divorced when he was two, leaving the future racing star to switch between his parents' homes throughout his childhood.

At the age of five, Hamilton got his start in racing when his father bought him a remote-control car as a gift. Hamilton didn't just play with the car as a toy. He practiced hard and began competing professionally, winning competitions against adult opponents.

The next year, Hamilton had the chance to get behind the wheel of a vehicle for the first time. Noticing young Lewis's love for cars and racing, his dad bought him his own kart. Hamilton excelled, becoming the youngest ever winner of the British Championship and winning the European Championship in 2000.

During these early years, Hamilton attracted attention from racing bosses and others in the industries. Some British bookmakers even began taking bets on Hamilton winning a Formula One race before turning 23.

Throughout his early childhood, Hamilton also enjoyed playing soccer and cricket, representing his school teams in both sports. While playing soccer, one of his school teammates was future England and Manchester United star Ashley Young.

Lewis Hamilton Career

Hamilton was a roaring success from an early age. But these early wins in RC driving and karting were simply a prelude to what was to come.

Development Driving

Following his early racing success, Hamilton was quickly signed to McLaren's motorsport team. Initially joining as a development driver, there was an option for Hamilton to progress to Formula One driving, dependent on his progress.

Hamilton began driving in Formula Renault before progressing to Formula Three. These are lightweight, entry-level classes of racing, a perfect place for Hamilton to develop his skills.

Later, he drove in GP2, a feeder series to Formula One. He impressed in these races and attracted media attention through his daring overtakes on high-speed corners.

Although Hamilton progressed quickly through the ranks, he stressed that his goal was not to become the world's youngest Formula One driver but to gain the skills and experience necessary to excel at a high level.

Early Formula One Success

In 2007, Hamilton made his debut in the top-level Formula One series. Becoming the first black driver to ever race in the series, Hamilton immediately broke racing records. With four wins and nine podium finishes, he earned a place as the most successful debut driver the sport had ever seen.

The next year, Hamilton excelled once again. In the last race of the season, he sealed top spot, defeating experienced driver Felipe Massa.

It may have been Hamilton's first title, but it wasn't to be the last. Hamilton was now one of the hottest properties in Formula One and was a real contender for future series.

Move to Mercedes

In 2013, Hamilton made a surprise move to the Mercedes racing team. This move shocked many analysts and journalists who thought Hamilton was loyal to the McLaren team. At Mercedes, Hamilton linked up with German-Finnish driver Nico Rosberg, who had been a karting teammate of Hamilton some years prior.

Hamilton's first year with Mercedes was less than successful, with the British driver managing only a single race win. But the following year, Hamilton was back on top form with another series win, making him the most successful British driver of all time.

2017 marked the start of Hamilton's most successful spell to date. The British superstar was practically unstoppable, bagging four consecutive titles and cementing his status as the star of the sport.

Since this golden age, Hamilton has met new competition in the form of Finnish driver Max Verstappen. While the emergence of the new driver has been bad news for Hamilton personally, it's great news for Formula One as a sport. The battle between these two superstars has attracted a whole new level of interest in Formula One.

How Did Lewis Hamilton Become so Successful?

Hamilton's success didn't just spring up from nothing. Although he was naturally talented, he put in plenty of practice to excel in the world of racing. He also benefited from strong support from his family, with his father changing jobs to ensure he could take the young Lewis to his early races.

Hamilton has also done a good job of remaining focused throughout his career. He's avoided falling too hard into the party culture that impacts so many other athletes' careers and never seems to succumb to nerves.

His personality has served him well throughout his career. Hamilton has been able to consistently forge good relationships with racing managers and crew, helping his career to run smoothly.

Political Activism

Off the track, Hamilton has been active in social and political activism, often speaking out on issues close to his heart. He has tried to draw attention to issues like the lack of racial diversity in motorsport.

He is a supporter of several human rights causes and works with charities like UNICEF to raise money and awareness for development projects. At times, Hamilton has encouraged his teams to make more sustainable and ethically-sound choices.

Hamilton has occasionally made waves with his political statements before Grand Prix events. Before events in Hungary and Saudi Arabia, Hamilton spoke out against anti-LGBT policies in the countries.

Vegan Diet

Just like other athletes, racing drivers must keep themselves fit and healthy. In a top-level race, even a few extra pounds can make the difference between success and failure. As expected, Lewis Hamilton has paid close attention to his diet throughout his career.

But success in races isn't the only thing that influences Hamilton's diet. The racer has followed a strict vegan diet since 2017 on ethical and environmental grounds. He spoke about the need for humans to reduce their damage to the planet and of his opposition to animal cruelty.

Lewis Hamilton FAQ

There's more to Lewis Hamilton than his fabulous wealth and racing prowess. Many people search the internet for answers to common questions about Lewis Hamilton. Let's learn some Lewis Hamilton facts!

Who Is Lewis Hamilton Dating?

Lewis Hamilton's longest relationship was with Nicole Scherzinger, the lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls. The pair dated until 2015 before parting ways.

Most recently, Hamilton dated Camila Kendra, a model some ten years his junior. But the pair split in early 2022. As of yet, Hamilton has not announced a new relationship.

Does Lewis Hamilton Have any Children?

As of 2022, Lewis Hamilton is childless. Perhaps he's waiting to find the one before settling down. Or he may be waiting for his career commitments to die down as F1 drivers have a notoriously busy calendar.

Is Lewis Hamilton Religious?

In his early life, Hamilton was raised in the Catholic faith. He still identifies as a practicing Catholic and says he prays regularly.

Who Is Lewis Hamilton's Main Rival?

Throughout his career, Lewis Hamilton has had a number of key rivals. His first was World Champion driver Fernando Alonso, who was initially Hamilton's teammate during his first season at McLaren. The two drivers often clashed, with Hamilton sometimes disregarding team rules and protocols.

Hamilton also had a strong rivalry with his first teammate at Mercedes, Nico Rosberg. The pair were highly competitive on and off the track and this sometimes led to arguments and confrontations.

In more recent years, Hamilton's main rival has been Finish driver Max Verstappen. The two superstar drivers are often the main competitors in a given race or series and there have been many narrow finishes between them.

Despite these race track rivalries, Hamilton has normally remained on good terms with his fellow racers.

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