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855 Area Code. Location. Time Zone. Toll Free? Scam? Who's Calling?

Seeing a new area code can be pretty daunting, especially with all the news of phone scams; things can get quite tense. When one calls their phone company and inquires about an 855 area code, they get a simple answer: it is a toll-free number. That's all the information they get. It's no surprise that people search online to find more information about this so-called "toll-free" phone number.

855 number

When searching for such, you get many hits on Google. Searching through these, you can find all sorts of bits of information that range from nonexistent to absolute genius. The following are things to note about this "toll-free" phone number.

What is a toll-free number?

A toll-free number or a "personal" 800 number is an area code that allows customers/callers to dial into their business for free or reduced rates. Since the prices are so low, the owner/company must have a "premium" service to offer to earn any money.

Technically speaking, anything with an area code 800, 888, etc., is charged at higher rates by your carrier (depending on what state you live in). For example, dialing 855-785-1234 would be free because the number belongs to Comcast Cable. On the other hand, if you were calling Banana Republic's 1-855-500-7348, there would be a fee since they are not technically considered toll-free numbers. No matter how often or little you use these numbers, your monthly bill will always include this surcharge.

Where did area code 855 come from?

An 855 call could come from any part of the United States. It could be from Philadelphia, Alabama or Alaska. Unlike geographic area codes, toll free numbers do not give us much information about where they are coming from.

It is a toll-free service provided by many companies today, notably wireless phone carriers (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile). Before the 855 area code was introduced to society, this toll-free service had the 800 area code. When changes were made that required people dial 1 + area code before local phone numbers to direct their call to where they wanted it to go, the phone companies quickly found out that the 800 area code was insufficient to support this. This was when the now infamous 855 phone number was created, and its use began.

The 855 prefix is the country code for Cambodia, so be careful to check whether it is a toll free number or a call from Cambodia.

Like all other toll-free numbers, it is a non-geographic area code meaning it doesn't belong to any particular state. 855 calls can come from anywhere within the country and sometimes from abroad. Toll-free numbers are not restricted to one area in standard area codes.

It's no wonder why many people think that this phone service has a connection with scams: they were scammed! The previous toll-free service (800) is now used for scamming to financially take advantage of people illegally.

Area code 855 is one of the Federal Communications Commission or FCC toll-free numbers. It can be used within the US and Canada as per the North America Numbering Plan. 855 is one of the toll-free area codes, the others being 800, 833, 844, 866, 877, and 888. These are customer service lines used by businesses and establishments wherein the charge would be placed on the recipient of the call instead of the caller. Area code 855, in particular, was put into service on the 29th of July 2000.

What time zone is 855?

The 855 toll-free prefix could originate from anywhere in the US and covers multiple time zones from Pacific Standard Time to Eastern Standard Time.

Why do businesses use toll-free numbers?

Toll-free numbers, or as they are officially known, 800 numbers, are used by businesses all over the world. A small business that needs to allow its customers to be able to reach them with ease can use a toll-free number. Such companies include airlines, newspapers, banks, and countless more services. By allowing their clients to call without getting charged, customers are encouraged to contact them. This is a great way for a business to show that they value their clients by giving them a service unlike any other.

What services does area code 855 offer?

Some companies have decided to use toll-free numbers in the 855 area code because people will not be charged when calling certain services. Most of these services will be free because the companies that offer them are not making a profit from them.

The 855 toll-free number service allows businesses to choose a phone number in the 855 area code and assign it to their business or service. This is an excellent way for someone looking for information to find it quickly and easily. The use of such numbers has allowed businesses big and small to compete with each other because no matter who they are, if their phone number ends with 800 or 888 as opposed to 855, they will be charged for the call.

Why would a business want to use toll-free number services instead of having its own 800 number?

The need for toll-free numbers has grown rapidly in recent years, and businesses have taken notice and seized this opportunity. Before, most companies only needed their own 800 numbers, but now they want and need 855 toll-free numbers. This is because of the difficulty in obtaining an 800 number. The fact that their company name does not end with a certain letter allows them to get the coveted 855 number.

Why else would businesses use 855 phone numbers?

There are many reasons why companies decide to go for toll-free numbers instead of the classic phone number most people are familiar with. One is that they allow companies to look larger than what they actually are and more professional. This will appeal to consumers and draw them towards a company or business, making it easier for it to gain customers.

The second reason why so many businesses use toll-free numbers is that these numbers are very easy to remember. There is nothing cumbersome about remembering what the number is for a company; it's usually right there in their name. For example, JetBlue Airways has the number 1-800-JETBLUE (1 800 435 8692). This type of toll free telephone numbers which is easily memorable and has no hassle at all!

The third reason why toll-free numbers are used is that they allow for better tracking of their customers. With the rise in technology and software, businesses can now learn what their clients like and don't like about them. They no longer need to send out surveys or make questionnaires; they simply need to look at the number of calls they receive from a certain area code or prefix and use that knowledge to improve their service.

Using a toll-free number has many advantages and can help businesses thrive. They make it easier for people to contact someone and let companies learn from the feedback of their customers. Area code 855 numbers are becoming more popular every day as they offer unlimited possibilities.

For any business or service, there is nothing more important than making sure their clients are satisfied. The 855 toll-free number has helped many companies achieve this goal and adopt a truly customer-centric business model.

When a customer calls from out of state, they can incur long-distance charges. When you use an 855 number the business will be charged instead of the customer. These free calls for the customer can make them more likely to contact your business.

How do I get my own 855 toll-free number?

Getting your own toll-free number for your business may just be a good way to build rapport amongst your customers and establish yourself as a business. As previously mentioned, toll-free numbers don't charge the caller making it more cost-efficient and worry-free for your customers no matter where they're from.

The FCC or Federal Communications Commission is responsible for regulating toll-free numbers. RespOrgs or Responsible Organizations are in charge of filtering the area codes that can still be obtained, most times through auction. If you're planning to get your own toll-free area code, you have to be prompt as they operate on a first-come, first-serve basis.

How do I call a toll-free number?

Since toll-free numbers aren't too particular geography-wise, we might think that we can use any of these area codes and mix and match them with the particular number, right? Well, not exactly. While they might all look alike, these area codes are actually routed to different locations. So, for example, if you dial 1-800 and the given number and you dial in the same number but this time using 1-855, these would yield different responses as they aren't from the same area.

Are 855 numbers always free?

855 numbers do not charge you as the caller and, as such, can be considered toll-free. However, some providers would still bill you depending on your contract. If it is a pay-per-minute service, your rate would depend on how long the call lasts, and if it is a fixed monthly rate, then they might apply an additional or incremental amount to your usual fee for these calls. It really depends on what's in the contract, so make sure to ask first before using them just in case.

This phone number isn't "toll-free" all the time. People who are on a budget can benefit from it during non-peak hours, which are usually at night, weekends, Sunday morning, and holiday eves. All one has to do is call their phone company and set it up so that out-of-state calls during non-peak hours are free of charge.

There have been complaints regarding scammers claiming that they're from area code 855, but they're actually from other countries looking out for ways to take advantage of people by offering "free prizes," which turn out to be a scam. Since area code 855 does look like it is from the US, they often win the victim's confidence and security by giving them false hope of winning free prizes and, in turn, taking money away from them instead.

It is best not to engage with scammers, especially with these sorts of phone scams going around. Furthermore, if you ever encounter something like this or similar, then contact your service provider immediately and report the incident so that we can prevent more people from falling into their traps. Always remember to be vigilant and informed about things such as these, so they don't get you!

What is Voice Over IP?

Voice Over IP or VoIP is a technology that enables information or data to be transmitted through the internet. This entails the transfer of sound clips rather than phone lines.

Since they do not use standard phone lines, they are able to offer more options regarding calls. For example, since calls are routed through the internet, you can call someone even if you are in another country as long as both parties have access to an internet connection. You are also able to increase the number of available channels for businesses and establishments.

You may now avail of these toll-free numbers, especially area code 855, for your service lines, just in case! Remember that you can't mix and match these area codes with their corresponding number, so make sure to look into them first before using them. You can also get in touch with service providers to learn more about their offer before doing so!

Is area code 855 a VOIP number?

Usually, area codes like this are associated with Voice over Internet Protocol or VOIP, which means that the number is for a telephone service where all calls use an internet connection. Since 855 isn't VOIP as it is considered as a standard telephony service (telephone-related) and not related to VoIP, you can make phone calls to these numbers using your existing telephone line through the traditional circuit-switched telephone network.

If there are any problems with your dialing with your traditional phone lines, then it's best to contact your telecommunications service provider so they can help you locate the problem, especially if you've recently upgraded or even changed your equipment. Remember that dialing rules are different per country or per provider, so it's recommended to use an online telephone number checker in order to find out how you should properly dial these numbers in the US.

Is area code 855 a scam?

Given today's online conveniences, such as selecting and customizing your own number, there has been a rise in confidence scam tricks that lure people into thinking that a legitimate business is contacting them due to the toll-free area code being used. These scammers often pretend to be banks and businesses that fish out personal information from unsuspecting people. Scam calls can come from 855 numbers so it is best to check with an official government agency before picking up.

Other times these scammers would pose as the IRS or Internal Revenue Service when in fact, they are not. Determined to get you to pay up, these people will threaten you with arrest if you don't provide them with your personal information and details on payment plans.

Don't fall victim to a scam. If somebody calls you up and claims to be from the customer service of a bank, look up the business and its contact number. If it looks suspicious, hang up and block the number right away.

What do I need to watch out for?

The 855 phone system has been used previously by scammers as it's very difficult to trace, but there are ways around this. These can include blocking your caller ID so you cannot see who the scammer is calling from. One way they do this is through Skype, which usually will not display your local number when sending texts. The easiest method, however, still remains to spoof the caller ID, which tricks people into thinking it's the IRS calling (for example).

Are 855 numbers telemarketers?

855 numbers or toll-free area codes aren't just used by telemarketers. They're also used for businesses and the like who provide services to their clients through the phone.

855 is a "non-geographic North American Numbering Plan telephone number that typically serves as an alternative 'backbone' routing number for operator-assisted calls." Basically, these numbers allow you to call up different companies, and most importantly, it allows certain businesses with hundreds of employees to keep track of them all without having too much trouble on hand.

These particular numbers come in handy when there's a need for bigger and more flexible administration, especially when it comes down to organizing logistics, supply chain management, and even sales tracking. As such, they're very beneficial for many businesses, and they make it easier to provide service to clients.

Is 855 a valid area code?

855 is a valid area code as per the North American Numbering Plan, which covers the United States, Canada, Bermuda, and 16 Caribbean nations. Countries with valid codes are categorized under NANPA or Numbering Plan Areas.

NANP is not specific when it comes to these toll-free or 1-800 numbers, but it's best that you check your local telecommunication authority for more information on particular rules and regs in your location about using 1-855. Most countries do, however, have certain limitations with regard to their use, if any at all, so make sure you think twice before dialing!

What would happen if I called an 855 number back?

If you do call a toll-free number back, it's best to make sure that you're aware of the company or business calling you. Verify with them first if they still want to be contacted by clicking through to their website or other means before calling them up. This way, you'll prevent yourself from falling for scams and whatnot.

Don't forget to contact your service provider either! These scammers are very good at posing as businesses, so it's important that they check on this for you. It doesn't hurt to double-check things like these, right? You can also report the incident with your service provider, which will contribute towards assisting people who might fall for this scam in the future.

Do 855 numbers represent US expats abroad?

No. US expats abroad, such as those who live in the Philippines or Thailand, for example, do not use 855 numbers. This type of number is more associated with businesses and international call centers that deal with customers from different parts of the world, so they organize their logistics accordingly.

What are vanity numbers?

Vanity numbers are basically toll-free numbers that include a name or word prior to the actual number. For example, you can buy a toll-free number that includes your company name, initials, or even something related to your business.

Companies could choose from three different types of lengths when it comes down to vanity numbers: Standard (4-7 digits), Middle (6-10 digits), and Long (8-12 digits). Usually, the more exclusivity a vanity number has, the more expensive it is, so keep that in mind!

If an 855 number could represent anyone/anything, then what's stopping companies from purchasing these?

These days there are many businesses that provide services through the phone, especially with all this technology making its way into homes. Everyone's on the go, so it's important that these businesses have an efficient way of managing their clients and work in general.

Basically, 855 numbers are not just for big companies but also individuals or just about any type of business, no matter how small, and this is where things get a little tricky. It would be unfair if people could simply purchase these toll-free numbers because then they wouldn't really serve their purpose at all, right? Companies need to prove that they're capable of using such numbers responsibly; otherwise, there's no point in giving them out.

There need to be certain requirements such as having a call center set up with service providers, reporting incidents, and keeping customer records, among others. You'll find that for most types of 855 numbers, these requirements are rather steep, and only companies with a good amount of manpower, money, and resources can actually use them.

What if I just dial an 855 number without checking who's calling me first?

It's best not to just simply dial an 855 number without knowing who's behind it. Do a little research first and try to figure out what type of company you're dealing with or if they're actually the ones calling because there are many scams going around these days.

You can also go to your service provider for advice on this matter, but in general, here are some tips:

  • Verify if it really is a toll-free number by typing the number directly into your phone keypad. If not, chances are high it's not one of those numbers, so continue with your call at your own risk!
  • This might sound obvious, but check with the business that you know already uses 855 numbers. Call them up and ask them if they want to be transferred or directly ask them for more details on the matter.
  • Check if the company that's calling you is legally allowed to do so by looking them up on Google and checking out their website. If they don't have one, get in touch with your local chamber of commerce, which will give you all sorts of information on any businesses within your vicinity.
  • Make sure you read off the number slowly and clearly to avoid any mistakes when dialing it (and no typos either). Only then should you press "call." That way, there's a better chance of getting through successfully and perhaps even avoiding some sort of scam!

Who is calling me?

Unfortunately, this toll-free number can also be a sign that someone from outside your area code will be calling you as long as the 855 area code is shown. You can tell this because this phone number will show up as a long-distance call to your caller ID.

Can I trace an 855 call?

You can trace almost any phone call you make; it's not new technology. That way, if anything untoward happens (like with the above-mentioned scams), you can get in touch with your local police station and report the incident.

Most companies use their vanity numbers to provide better customer service, so there shouldn't be any problems or worries when making these types of calls except maybe for personal reasons like begging for some free stuff! Just be careful out there and remember, if something seems suspicious, then it probably is!

How to block unwanted 855 calls

The FCC or Federal Communications Commission has a website that you can visit and add your number to their Do Not Call Registry. This is to avoid unwanted calls from telemarketers. They then have 31 days to stop calling once you have been added to the database. If you receive a call from a spam caller after this, report it to the FTC. Sometimes they will then get law enforcement involved to sort out the situation and ensure they stop their spam calls.

In order to sign up for the Do Not Call Registry, you have to provide your contact information, such as date of birth and address, among others and indicate how long you want the number blocked. Be mindful, though; people who already have your phone number might still be able to contact you through this service, so make sure it's only the numbers you don't recognize or aren't expecting a call from.

When in doubt, ask questions. Scammers are getting cleverer every day, especially when technology advances and makes things like blocking these numbers easily achievable.

To block unwanted 855 calls, simply do the following:

For Android, simply follow these steps:

  • Go to Recent Calls
  • Click Details
  • Click Block Number

For iPhone users:

  • Click the encircled i in your recent calls menu
  • Click more information
  • Click Block this number

Companies throughout the world offer a wide range of services through these toll-free numbers ranging from beauty salons, legal services, psychic hotlines, and dating sites.

Do people sometimes pay for the 855 phone number?

Many people with this phone service often find that it's free to use, yet they still have to pay for carrier fees which go with any mobile phone plan. So just because this is a toll-free number doesn't mean that people with this phone service don't have to pay for things in the end.

Is the 855 area code going away?

Probably not soon, but it may change in the near future. This 855 toll-free phone service isn't going anywhere anytime soon, though, since, at least for now, it has to support the ever-growing demand for free-of-charge phone calls.

The 855 area code is beginning to gain recognition. Many people might not know what it is, but now that they do, it's no surprise that they're curious about it. This guide shall help you in learning more about area code 855 and show you what to do should you encounter a scammer.



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